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  1. gozo

    Screen Printing

    Thanks. I also do some screenprinting on vinyl sheets, mostly For Sale signs etc. I use a 230 mesh and solvent inks which smell like hell.
  2. gozo

    Screen Printing

    Very nice, just asking what mesh count was your screen?
  3. I had installed corel x4 on my xp without any problems, now I'm trying to install it on my windows 8.1 and McAfee keeps saying that I have a virus, Any suggestions what could be the matter. TIA
  4. gozo

    just finished this

    At least someone appreciates Nurses, most politicians do not.
  5. Amazing how little toddlers always want to help out,but try asking them to clean up their rooms when they're in their teens.
  6. gozo

    More glass pieces

    I like how you say that you play with your work. Super VW and a marvelous cross. Piety I don't understand what a sun catcher is.
  7. gozo

    Test etching

    I love that dragon.
  8. gozo


  9. gozo

    hand in chains

  10. gozo

    A couple of Christmas presents

    Great work. Very impressed.
  11. gozo

    A couple of Christmas presents

    That engine is a beauty. Was the stencil vinyl or photo resist?
  12. gozo

    18x24 Tile Mural

    Can Sublimation be done on any glossy ceramic tile? or do they have to be specially treated ones for sublimation.
  13. gozo

    Cute Window Sticker

    thanks for sharing
  14. gozo

    Hello Kitty Gas Mask