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  1. motoxchic

    Quick question on finishing a roll banner?

    Thanks Dakota. I will see what I can find locally! I am going to have to go to a local sign shop and beg
  2. I am in a pinch for time and this banner is very low key. Its for a friend and they need it for an event this weekend. Long story short, I was able to pickup a scrap piece of white banner roll, probably a 13 oz to use for a 3x6' banner. I have a heavy duty grommet puncher (from USC). What else would I need to do besides fold and grommet the edges/corners (I say fold because I am not sure if a single layer will be strong enough)? Do I need to use hem tape to keep the folded edges flat? And/or do I need to seal any edges (folded or not)? Edge pic attached. Thank you!
  3. motoxchic

    Embroidery Digitizing Referral?

    sweet, thank you!
  4. motoxchic

    Who Embroiders?

    I looked at that too, sounded greate but i think its REALLLY expensive. Like $6k? Thanks, I will check out the other post on digitizing!
  5. Needing to get our logo digitized for embroidery (.PES file). Anyone have a referral for quality work? Being new to embroidery, I dont want the digitizing quality to be frustrating...I'm sure my learning curve will create enough of that
  6. motoxchic

    Who Embroiders?

    Ha Goose, just came on to find info on embroidery! Actually looking for some digitizing for our logo. I feel like I am starting from scratch in my learning curve again. Did you decide on a machine and will you be doing digitizing? (gonna post a new thread about that as well)
  7. ^ LOL and so true! CA is getting slim for wheelin/riding spots (and apparently "air" according to the powers that be)...but dont even get me started on those topics, SMH.
  8. Dang, missed all the troll fun. MB, in my "not as young as i used to be age", crawlers dont hurt as much as dirt bikes ... i kinda like my bones unbroken
  9. could be windows, problem was i upgraded everything at once (and i usually know better)...makes it hard to troubleshoot.
  10. Haha Guys, lol Moody Blue, once you update to CC 2015 does your plugin still launch SCP from within Illustrator? Ok, just tried it again, i guess they needed to warm up to each other. It launches SCP now :| It just does not bring it to the front of Illustrator, which is not that big of an issue.
  11. Also posted here, not sure on the protocol for posting in 2 forums...feel free to move or delete
  12. motoxchic

    Signcut is advancing vinyl to end before cutting beginning

    Thanks Goose, for some reason i didnt get reply notification. Long story short, my old pc which i was using had it checked but was not working. Just setup new PC, reinstalled SCP, set that setting and the Preview seems to be cutting in steps now.
  13. So, i just setup a new PC, same operating system as old (Windows 7 64-bit). SCP website has plugin labeled Illustrator CC. It worked for Illustrator CC 2014, but does not seem to be working with CC 2015. Anyone having issues with SCP plugin for CC 2015? I have to contact SCP tomorrow to see if they need a new plugin, but until then thought I'd check here.
  14. motoxchic

    Well Crap :(

    Sorry to hear about your cutter. Just FYI, if you are interested, i have a this cutter SC24 with a stand i can make you a very fair deal on. It was the first cutter i bought from US Cutter, and have since bought a Graphtec. Only used it for a few months and very light at that. PM me if you are interested, hopefully shipping wont kill it, but we can price costs.