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  1. Ariti

    Dropping the Fbomb!

    Hello Fbomb, Ariti
  2. Ariti

    Hey everybody - coming out of hiding!!

    Hello Buffalogal Ariti
  3. Ariti

    Hello from Texas

    Hello Dolphin, Ariti
  4. Ariti

    Hey newbie here, really want to learn!!

    Hello chance.porter Ariti
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    Hey !

    Hello FlawlessVinyl, Ariti
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    Hello tntcolor, Ariti
  7. Ariti

    whats up in plotterland!

    Hello and Welcome Gary. Ariti
  8. Ariti

    Airbrushing Again !

    I think it looks fantastic. The highlights and shadows really give it depth. Can't wait to see it completed. Ariti
  9. Ariti

    Hot Fix Metallics

    Hello, Has anyone used the Metallics by Hot Fix. I cut the design with the dull side up. Weeded it. Set the heat press at 320. Pre heated the shirt. Then I pressed the design with the metallic side down clear lining side up teflon sheet on top for 15 seconds. The metallics stayed adhered to the clear lining. I repeated the process now the metallic is pressed to the clear lining. Does anyone know what I did incorrectly. I would appreciate any input. Thanking you inadvance, Ariti
  10. Thanks Charlie I'm looking forward to seeing the Tutorial. Ariti
  11. Ariti

    Good basic tutorials

    Thank You
  12. Ariti

    Some Place else to look for fonts

    Thank You
  13. Ariti

    Hello from Wisconsin