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    Horse Head

    I think this is clip art from somewhere and I'm trying to find the original and where its from so I'll know what is needed to be able to use it. Another graphic that is similar that I know the source of would work fine as well.
  2. Renegade


    Got any sunglasses that look nice in vinyl? Don't really need them to have earpieces or anything fancy.
  3. Renegade

    Baseball with crossed bats

    Looking for the stock eps graphic that everyone uses of the baseball with the crossed bats behind it.
  4. Renegade

    Plastic License Plate Frames from SW

    No because I quit using them altogether.
  5. Renegade

    Silverado RST Stripes

    Hurry back with the pics. Can't wait to see it turn out well.
  6. They work well, but dull quickly on the vinyl
  7. Renegade

    Where do you buy blank shirts?,22711.0.html,20700.0.html,16817.0.html,14859.0.html,21220.0.html
  8. The Tee Pad It! can really help to make sure you are getting good pressure where you need it. The pressure is not as necessary with vinyl as it is with transfers.
  9. Renegade

    Hockey Template Idea

    Might have better luck in Graphic Requests section
  10. Renegade

    Centering question?

    Tee Square it what I use. I have three of them actually.
  11. Renegade

    What kind of heat press?

    Would never buy another Sunie. Stick with the good brand names. Much better deal for the money to get a used brand name like Mighty or Hix.
  12. Renegade

    Why is it always me?

    I had almost the exact same thing happen to one of my presses, but it wasn't bent quite that badly. I went ahead and bent the metal out enough that the press could close fine and there was no problems. I also got a partial refund of like $50 for the damage (can't remember the amount for sure).
  13. I can confirm the Phoenix is the exact same machine as the Hotronix. The Phoenix is just the sales brand used by the company Imprintables Warehouse.
  14. Really nice. Explain your process please.
  15. Renegade

    Can anyone recommend a contour cutter

    If you need to contour cut then go with the Graphtec.
  16. Renegade

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    While I feel for your problem, what incentive are you giving USCutter to help correct the situation if you have already proclaimed to never do business with them again? There are a large number of these cutters that ship out without problems and unfortunately there some legitimate problem units, but often there are complications caused by environment and user error. I've had a problem Laserpoint 24 that I reluctantly returned and upgraded to a Graphtec. That happened to be a very fortunate event for me because the Graphtec has served me far better than the Laserpoint ever could have and easily paid for itself in a short amount of time.
  17. Renegade


    Probably set to sheet instead of roll 1 or roll 2
  18. Renegade

    Tall Shirts?

    Sanmar has quite a few to select from in their Port brands.
  19. Renegade

    Newbie JPSS questions

    Whites are pretty much all I do with JPSS, but I hear some have fine results with ash, light yellow, light beige, etc. The problem with the light colors is that it may tint your colors. So, dark black ink is probably not going to color shift, but a yellow ink likely will. ' Here are some examples of JPSS along with some vinyl and sublimation:
  20. Renegade

    Kraft Paper

    Hard to get rid of the shine after you get it, but if you use Mulitcut or Thermoflex and make sure things are getting pressed with backing or parchment then you are doing all I know of to reduce the shine. I have had people prefer the shiny finish and then I just use teflon.
  21. Renegade

    Kraft Paper

    In the baking section you should be able to find rolls of parchment paper. You are looking for silicone paper and not a wax paper. I know Reynolds makes a roll of parchment paper, but if you find you like it then I'd recommend buying it in bulk from a kitchen supply.
  22. Renegade

    Doming Supplies!

    Probably needs to go in General Business Feedback or Suggestions:,14.0.html
  23. Renegade

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    I've been watching and waiting to see where this thread would end, but I think its clear at this point that more than likely there is an environmental problem of some kind at your location. At this point I would think you have spent enough time and effort on this to be confident that you have exhausted making one of these models function reliably there. You've already spent a good amount on shipping, uninterruptable power supply, etc. that probably could have got you nearly to the cost of an upgraded cutter. I totally understand where you are coming from on not wanting to over spend on a cutter until you are sure of its potential return on investment. I purchased a Laserpoint 24 and had problems with it that we couldn't overcome with phone support. So, I returned it and upgraded to the Graphtec. It easily paid for itself in a very short amount of time even with my inexperience with graphics and only using it for part time side projects. Its reliability and superior performance made it something I would have never regretted purchasing even if the payoff hadn't come along so quickly. Like most well made tools, its easy to know when a purchase was money well spent. With your skills, I would say that as long as you are willing to put out the effort, purchasing a higher end model is something you won't ever look back at. If you get a Graphtec and still have problems, then you'll know for sure your cutter isn't a problem and I'm sure you could always return it if the problem continues and you choose not to make whatever changes might be necessary to your location.
  24. Renegade

    Roses needed please!

    Besides the search feature, there is a Graphic Requests category here:,31.0.html