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  1. Badfish77

    Iphone Templates

    Yup, thats what I did. No vinyl here though. All Roland MX-90 engraved. Stock raster, vectorized, hatched, raised in 3-D, and viewed in perspective. Just love sharing this one.
  2. Badfish77

    17" Motorcycle Rim Stripes

    This turned out to be a good thread after all. MCD-thanks for reminding of these little accents, and I'm glad you're open to learning the processes. OW-thanks for reminding me I have to experiment with this free oracal 5300 reflective 8" x 10" sample. Not enough to complete four sides of two rims of course, so I quartered them and will space them out. I used 17-3/8" O.D.,16-7/8" I.D circles. Used a polyline and polar array to to trim to 1/6-ths. Very easy in CAD, and cut right from it.
  3. Badfish77

    sharpie sleeve

    I have made progress since the other thread, and should have a sleeve machined by the end of the holiday that will adapt a sharpie to fit in the laserpoint I. The best I can tell, all the holders for the USC entry machines have slightly differant specs, but support didn't seem to know what they were. Can some of you provide some accurate measurements of the blade or pen holders for your machines? Or maybe someone who's been around longer can help me find them. What I need is the distance from the tip to the bottom of the shoulder that sits on the arm. I see the diameter of the plotting pen in my user manual, and will DL the others to check, but if you could provide that just to confirm it would be great. Another member has shown interst, and should be getting me dimensions for the laserpoint II. Much thanks in advance Pete
  4. backing off on the pressure is a good idea too along with slowing it down. might get more life from the tip they are a great fit for the MH, no tape needed. going to brush up on the lathing skills and make a ferrel for them for the LP is a good source for roll media
  5. Badfish77

    A little Useful info for AutoCAD users

    Hey Monkey. Yeah I've found no problems with using ACAD dxf saves, or eps exports when used in SBE. To update this post, I have found I can cut from ACAD to my MH with my PC at home. There is no offset or overcut options so there were alot of cuts to complete. However I haven't been able to get the LP to cut from the laptop in the shop.
  6. Badfish77

    Cutting Machine Not Found Error

    as long as you are prompted to, and install updates, then I really don't think so. just mentioning it.
  7. Badfish77

    Cutting Machine Not Found Error

    The baud rate is correct, and the only help i can offer is that the little MH does indeed work with the program. I, however, opted for the d/l version from Craftedge and am running a AMD based Win7 PC.
  8. Badfish77

    Announcing Sure Cuts A Lot Pro

    any chance it's a baud rate setting? interested in buying as well. please let us know when you get it figured
  9. :laugh: rotflmfaoylb :laugh: it's a post... on a forum... it's everyones business
  10. Very little maybe, but I have recently found that ACAD will export to EPS. I feel it notable only because I haven't seen this mentioned in any of the threads that my seach came up with (and I did search). Eveyone said to save as DXF out of ACAD. I'm a newb with the cutter, and most of my experiance is with SBE, which imports both, and I haven't noticed a differance. Hopefully this will help someone somewhere. What I would like to know is if it is a definate "no you cannot cut vinyl from ACAD", or if it's a yes, who knows how? I'm pretty good but this one I can't get.
  11. yeah, type alot. too bad you don't really say anything. thanks for the potentially useful info dal and point
  12. I just want you all to know that I am not here to step on any toes. I am here to make friends and learn this cutting thing along the way and hopefully eventually help others. I felt I wanted to say that publicly so ya'll dont think im some giant prick. Ok, thank you for reading, you may now resume your regularly scheduled lives! laughable
  13. Badfish77

    Mt Rushmore

    grabbed, nice, thanks