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  1. i saw your post on tshirt forum.. did you try to use the metallic on top of the white? or could you just omit the white lettering and have the silver go straight to the shirt?  either way looks sweet.. maybe try a smaller graphic with the metallic until you figure out how to get it to stick..

  2. I had to laugh though when I first saw the owl (turned out great by the way), but I thought of the Tootsie Roll commercial..............."Mister Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the get to the center of a tootsie pop.....  :lol:

    i was thinking the EXACT same thing.. i remember those commercials as a kid lol.. dating ourselves.. anyways

    i like the design.. i have one question however.. you used white on blue for the outer window displays.. but the door is just 1 color white.. i think it would of drawn them all together if you used a blue backgound behind the phone number on the door.. imo.. im just saying it looks like you upgraded the windows but left the door plain.. just my thoughts on that.. unless the customer wanted it that way.. otherwise the owl looks killer.. the side windows POP like WOW!!

  3. Hi everybody I've been working here at US Cutter for about two weeks now so I thought it was about time to introduce myself on the forums. US Cutter has now doubled their tech support team with addition of little old me ;D If you have any problems, questions, or concerns just let me know and ill be happy to help.


    I got a question, can you ban firemalt??

    Sorry fire.....I couldn't resist  :thumbsup:

    lol.. when im reading posts.. i sometimes get firemalt and firestar mixed up...shh.. dont tell them that though  ;D

    hi Levi.. good to know.. ;D

  4. howdy!!! welcome to the board.. ok lets see if i can answer some of your questions..

    What is the cheapest vinyl I can aquire, and the best place to purchase it online, and of course vinyl that is compatible, or easiest to use with the MH1351? 

    well think about it this way.. cheap and vinyl dont really mix.. if these are signs for outside dont get anything too cheap.. get something that is good for outside.. however.. my first vinyl order i got some LG 6000 that was rated pretty good from all the feedback i saw.. i got it because i wanted to wait and get a color chart for oracle before i order any of it.. i saw a pdf color chart for the LG so i got 4 colors just to practice with and then i will order some oracle vinyl.. i got mine from and i received my order in 3 days.. there are a bunch of retailers you can check out them at the post below..,5747.0.html

    I've seen everyone boasting about adobe illustrator, and using it to make graphics and of course vectorizing it into .eps?  Am i able to send the information to the plotter from adobe, or do i have to import it into other software to make it easier?

    checkout this thread,242.0.html

    but you dont NEED AI to make the graphics.. you can use inkscape (free) to convert .bmp/.jpgs to .eps and then import them into your cutter software.. now if you already have AI and know how to use it then i would just use that.. i dont have AI anymore on my new computers and i dunno where the install discs are for those old versions so i just use inkscape and signblazer to cut my vinyl..

    get inkscape here

    Does anyone suggest practicing with just plain paper first?

    thats what i did.. i got my cutter on Monday of this week.. checkout my practice run with pen here,8309.0.html

    and then i just cut my first few orders today..,8356.0.html

    again.. welcome to the forum.. use the search option and you will find tons of reading material.. thats what i did before i purchased my cutter.. i read up all about it for over a month or so..


  5. we need to get some uscutter videos on youtube.. i seen a few pcuts.. i haven't seen a laserpoint yet.. also some of the heat presses too.. lots of videos of heat pressing vinyl with different manufacturers of heat presses.. i will try to get a few videos of my laserpoint if i get time.. my cutter is at work so "work" comes first..

    does anyone else have videos on youtube? i know charlie does.. i have seen a few of his tutorials so far.. anyone else?

  6. so did he...but.. pay for the coroplast and my discounts apply


    thats how i do it.. you pay for the parts.. and im more then willing to build/work on anything that i can to help.. family or friend.. plus free advertisement is always great :thumbsup: word of mouth is the best form of advertisement..

  7. i have tried and used every single browser that has ever been released.. had to test the numerous websites my brother and i developed over the years.. (started web design in 96) but for my personal computers at home.. they all have firefox installed with some custom add-ons to customize it to my taste.. IE7 has gotten better but i still done use it.. safari is aight.. i didnt like the feel of it.. im not a fan of Macs.. i dont like the style.. opera is aight as well.. it works fine on my Nintendo Wii ;D but on my pc.. i just didnt like it either.. mozilla/firefox is still my #1 browser.. been using it for as long as i can remember.. no problems here.. and not 1 single virus on any of the 15+ pc's ive had over the years either at home or work.. so dont believe everything you read..  :thumbsup:

  8. These are 4'x4' double sided,,,multi-color....but...I'm just ribbin you guys. I did 5 for $40.00 but they are my Brothers signs (family contribution), I would have charged $60.00 EACH to any other person.

    thanks for clearing that up.. i was confused.. that is WAY to cheap for 4x4 coroplast.. :thumbsup: but for family.. $40 is still good (cause family usually wants stuff for free)

  9. I have the exact same problem!!! :thumbsup: I did the same thing with some vinyl but then my stupid butt cut right through it cutting my decals...duh :- I have had it mess up a couple decals because the blade doesn't contact properly but what you did takes care of it!

    ok.. so im not the only one.. well tape across the front to fill that 'gap' did the trick..

  10. You journey is just beginning my young padawan... :thumbsup:

    thanks for all the comments... more is definately coming.. its funny cause my wife is 9 months pregnant so im picking her up at work.. so like the whole time im on my commute to pick her up.. i kept thinking of ideas that i could do.. this is awesome.. i want to make enough $ to pay for the cutter.. then buy a heat press.. then get my t-shirts going.. i gotta order some coroplast so i can make some signs to advertise

    i have one question though.. has anyone had a problem where the vinyl starts to feed down where its going to go past the front of the cutter but it hangs on a small lip at the bottom.. i guess from the vinyl coming off the roll it still has that curve and when it goes down near the front it slips in a small lip/slot and then starts to bind.. i didnt see it mess with the cutter but i dont think it should bind there.. so i took some masking tape and taped across the front and now it goes right past the lip.. below is a pic of the lip im talking about..


  11. well.. yesterday i had time to test with pen.. today i made this real quick between customers and cut it. the first time i cut it i started to weed and it didnt look like it cut all the way thru the vinyl.. even though my test square cut fine.. so i redid the blade height and pressure and did another test run.. cut 3 side by side.. few customers wanted me to do some of these for them.. so why not test run :thumbsup:  they are in white vinyl with R-tape so with flash couldnt see them at all.. held it in front of lamp.. no flash.. not perfectly sharp as was handheld with digital camera but you get the idea..


  12. i actually brought this to the attention of ken imes but i feel i'm on the blacklist due to outspokeness either that or just usual paranoia and he's really just busy which may be :thumbsup:

    heh.. sometimes thats how i feel.. being treated like the red-headed step child or something.. hey i just speak my mind.. never hold anything back.. some may disagree with my opinion but thats all it is.. my opinion.. right? ;D 

    they should sign up.. i know they are probably busy though.. and thats good..

  13. I heard on a podcast that IF you buy a Sony Viao with Vista BUSINESS installed,it also comes with the full set of XO PRO CDs just in case. Wonder why? :thumbsup:

    yah i said that earlier.. if you get vista business.. most manufacturers will give you xp pro install discs.. some wont unless you ask..

    try to get it with winxp or see if they offer a winxp downgrade discs.. because most manufacturers such as dell or HP.. if you custom order it.. if you get vista business.. you usually get a winxp install discs as well.. if you ask...

    also.. the poll.. i use both vista ultimate at home.. vista business at work.. and winxp on both machines (both are dual boot) so should of been another selection.. both ;D

  14. maybe someone from uscutter can chime in and they can sign up to reply to any postings.. makes the rating look better when the company being rated signs up too

    This company does NOT yet subscribe to our Merchant Member Program to monitor feedback & respond to customer issues.

  15. gm, haha u sound like one of my siblings. hehe  of course i always got my but beat. lol not a day went by. i was bad as hell. i was a tomboy, mean, stubborn and very outspoken. umm

    hehe.. well i had 2 older brothers getting me in trouble.. and a younger brother and lil sister getting me in trouble.. i was in the middle getting in trouble mostly when it wasnt my fault but we stoke up for each other so when one got in trouble we all got in trouble :thumbsup:

    good to see im not the only one with a granny and a switch.. still brings the memories back when i think of my grandma.. she's been gone for over 20 years.. seems like yesterday..

  16. here is what i meant.. i played around with the idea in photoshop since i have more experience in photoshop.. then saved as .bmp and imported to inkscape to convert to vector and save as .eps.. it could be a little smoother but i wanted to give you the idea i was thinking of.. im going to cut it tomorrow to see how it looks.. the fonts could be cleaner but oh well.. it was quick sketch





  17. If I had stolen so much as a penny bubble gum my mom would have busted my ass...and THAT is what it wrong today. If a mom does that now,she goes to jail.

    I know what a switch feels like and it didn't take many switchings to teach me right from wrong. I thank my mom for that to this day.When the courts and 'advocates' leave parents alone and let them do what needs doing,things will get better.

    dude.. i think we were raised almost the same.. i still remember to this day the first thing that i 'stole' was a baby ruth candy bar.. my dad took me to revco and i dunno why but i thought i would be slick and take one on a dare.. well.. my dad saw it.. and took me back inside.. i paid for the candy bar.. then i REALLY paid for it when i got back home.. i have never stole anything else in my life.. lesson learned.. my dad ruled us with an iron fist.. and at the time i thought my dad was one of the meanest people i knew.. but now i look back and i really understand what my dad did.. he taught us right from wrong.. and i try to give that back to all the kids that i would help.. i remember the switches.. my grandma.. she would make us go get one and if she didnt like it.. she would break that over our legs until we got a REAL switch.. and then the hurt was on.. and my mom was the worst.. i'd rather get a whippin from my dad and his belt.. because my mom would grab whatever was close.. didnt matter.. fly swatter.. shoe.. belt.. switch.. lol you name it.. so im with yah.. i believe a little tough love works wonders..