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    Ruger family

    now those are some nice lookin rugers.. i went a different route with mine
  2. gm2k8

    new baby Luke :)

    well.. long story short.. my wife and I went to hospital at 6pm on Monday.. she was in labor for 20 hours with no medication so Tuesday afternoon her doctor did a sonogram and it seemed the umbilical cord and placenta were blocking his route thru the cervix.. the doctor suggested a c-section... soooooo.. after a few minutes alone.. my wife and i decided that although she wanted to try to go all natural... this was the best thing to do.. they took her away and prepped her then gave me an outfit that all i could think of was the band Devo.. crack that whip.. lol.. anyways.. they finally came and got me and i sat and held my wifes hand and 5 minutes later i heard my son cry his first cry.. they then took me to cut the cord.. and then i helped wrap him up and carried him to lay next to my wife.. they had her strapped down so my son was trying all he could to look over at my wife.. he could hear her voice... im telling you i usually dont show any emotion but i couldnt hold it back.. so then they took him from me and took him to the nursery.. and i went and watched thru the window as the pediatrician looked him over.. he was 9lbs 1ounces.. 20 1/2" long.. they said he had the biggest feet and hands they have ever seen.. just like papa you know what they say ladies hehe.. anyways.. after the checkup.. measuring.. weighing.. shots.. poked in the foot.. blood drawn.. they brought him to the our room. the doctor came in and congratulated me and he told me that the cord was in such a way that it could of wrapped around his head/neck if my wife did do vaginal delivery and that the baby could of gotten hurt or worse so things happen for a reason so someone was looking out for us and Luke is fine and well.. anyways about then 5 minutes later they brought my wife back to the room.. although she was a lil droggy.. the baby latched right on for feeding.. we stayed an extra day because of the c-section.. but all is well.. we are tired.. the first night.. Luke didnt evey cry.. he fussed a lil but he was great.. last night.. oh my.. didnt get much sleep.. on the ride home.. he was fine... and now we are home.. he's been very good.. so all is well.. thanks everyone for your kind words.. i just re-read my threads.. here are some pics
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    Laptop Design

    what is a record? lol j/k i still got a bunch of 45s and LPs.. i remember my first 45 i ever bought was Jailhouse Rock from Elvis.. i am going to do something similar to this on a laptop i am repairing.. lady dropped it and it broke the lcd and hard drive is toast.. so im gonna fix it and put my logo on it and use it at my shop
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    new baby Luke :)

    thank you.. yes we are very lucky.. my wife and i went thru a lot to actually get pregnant so he is a lil bundle of joy for us and our family.. in fact.. his grandpa is flying from across the country just to come and visit for a week to see him.. in fact he will be here tomorrow evening.. and yes.. the force is within him i can FEEL it.. its either that or poop..
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    PBear, have you seen this commercial?

    lol thats cool..
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    separate computer for cutter?

    i design stuff at home on my pc.. then i put it on my usb thumb drive and take it to work.. at work i have 2 computers.. 1 is a server which i have dual boot with winxp and vista.. it has a almost a terabyte of space because i use it to backup customers data..etc.. however i design on that as well since its fast and i use a kvm switch to control a box i built from spare parts specifically to cut.. for those that dont know.. a kvm or keyboard/video/mouse switch allows you to control multiple computers from one keyboard/monitor/mouse.. so i can switch between 8 computers if i need to using just one setup.. on the pc i use to cut i dont do anything else on that pc.. it only comes on when i need to cut. i did it this way so i know whenever or wherever i design something i can go and cut it without having to worry about it not cutting or some software running etc..
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    new baby Luke :)

    thanks everyone.. Luke was awesome last night.. he slept from 1am to 4:30am.. which i think is just plain awesome.. being a really good boy.. more pics coming.. cant put the camera down
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    new baby Luke :)

    thanks everyone.. yah.. i used to play baseball and basketball.. im 6'4" so if he wants to play sports.. i will be right there with him every step of the way.. yes it is a life changin experience.. but its one that we worked for a long time.. he's a lil miracle.. i am already thinking of purchasing a heat press to use some of these samples i got to make some new things for him.. he hasnt worn his luke floorcrawler onesie yet because he got snipped soooooooo.. he's a lil sensitive right now.. but i will be sure to get a pic with him wearing it.. my wife also got one that is red and it says Born in 2008 thanks again.. trying to email pics to family and friends.. thought i would jump on here and post.. you guys are like an extended family already.. i will try to get on again later this week.. before i go back to work.. Dave
  9. well went to the doctor with my wife and he suggested it would be best to go ahead and induce my wife tonight.. so by tomorrow morning (hopefully) my son should be born into this world.. keep us in your prayers.. Dave
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    well today is the day.. baby coming

    definately that will be the pic i upload here thanks everyone.. trying to get some last minute things done here at work before i go home and get everything packed in the car Dave
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    A couple more things

    they look great.. i know its addicting as hell.. i got so many ideas in my head.. trying to get the time to design and cut them lol.. that obama one is classic.. dont want to start any political debates though so lets keep it on topic.. IMO things that shouldnt be discussed on a forum are 1. religion 2. politics thanks for sharing..
  12. i always change to line to see how it looks but i like to see it being cut on the cutter or with the pen on the cutter.. then i can really judge how big it is.. etc.. even with rulers on.. sometimes i just need to see it.. to see if there is something i need to change.. works great though..
  13. made this the other day at work.. cut it in vinyl.. haven't installed it yet but i did use some ezscreen and made a few onesies for him.. find out tomorrow when the little one will make an appearance..
  14. gm2k8

    made my unborn son a few onesies...

    yah.. only a buck or two.. DOH! gold mind there... i remember waiting in line to see the original star wars.. i have seen everyone at the theatre on first day.. i used to have a bunch of stuff when i was a kid.. little did i know that all that stuff could pay off my house when i grew up.. if i knew that then.. i would of bought 2 of each item.. 1 to play with.. 1 to treasure.. however.. doing as kids do.. i played with them.. and.. over time.. they got damaged.. or gave away.. or thrown away by my mom cleaning our room.. but today.. my collection is big but i keep it in storage.. i dont have the room here to display everything.. i did however pickup 2 of those newer lightsabers a while back after we found out we were having a lil boy.. so i have the darth vader lightsaber for myself.. and a luke lightsaber for my son.. future battles are in effect i cant wait to introduce my son to starwars... when he's a little older of course..
  15. gm2k8

    made my unborn son a few onesies...

    yah i told my wife about that a long time ago.. when we first decided on the baby's name.. and me being a big time star wars fan.. i told my wife we can call him Luke Floorcrawler.. and she laughed... and it went from there.. thanks guys.. we are so excited..
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    Signblazer Elements

    goto the forum called 'graphic requests'.. there are a bunch of .eps files you can cut to practice.. if you get inkscape.. you can convert any .bmp to .eps (or vector file) that will load into signblazer and cut.. easier if the .bmp is black/white first.. color is another story
  17. i always do a run thru with pen.. found a few mistakes that way.. didnt appear in signblazer but when it was done in pen.. i saw somethings i could change.. weird but thats how it is.. always do pen run first
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    My first Monster Truck

    the truck is awesome.. such an improvement to the spray paint sides lol.. however there is something about your advertisement/website url.. it just doesnt stick out as much as everything else.. i dunno if it needs a white or colored outline to make it JUMP out from the flames or what.. it just doesnt get my attention as everything else.. still looks good though.. i dunno maybe its just the picture.. maybe in sunlight it pops..
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    some of my first stuff

    looks great.. thats one thing i like to see is individuality with bikes.. i hate seeing the same ole bike.. same color.. etc.. some people just dont want to put their style on anything.. i really like that bike.. also the drum set is sweet.. was it hard to put the vinyl on there?
  20. gm2k8

    Tyler Roses

    that looks killer.. thanks for sharing..
  21. gm2k8

    My car and wife's Truck

    looks great.. i too like that you keep the design of your website incorporated in all your advertising.. it will keep your customers knowing who it is at the sign of that design.. even your business cards (the one your wife designed) keep to the same design.. i guess when you run out of your original business card.. you will have to go with her design
  22. gm2k8

    window decals for my shop on my jeep

    Thanks everyone.. Charlie.. i have heard that before.. its on our invoices as well.. and everyone seems to like it.. i get compliments on the design on our shirts too..
  23. well.. i did this design a couple of years ago.. i sponsor a mud racing truck and they put this in his window plus i used it to make some tshirts to wear around town and at work so this time since i have a cutter.. i added the custom signs and stickers to it.. while cleaned up the vector before i cut it.. i think they came out pretty good.. however.. i started to apply these in the afternoon when the sun was going down.. (i think was a mistake.. but with a new baby coming this week i am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get little things done before my wife gives birth to our baby son) so i did the wet app with the recipe from bannerjohn.. everything looked good.. then the small letters didnt want to stay on the window or pull off from the app tape (R-Tape) so i fixed them up as good as i could and squeegeed them again after i got the app tape off.. this will do for now.. i wanted to test the LG 6000 vinyl i got.. seems to work pretty good.. i will work on a multi color one later.. and possibly redo them in the future.. but for now.. i think they came out pretty sweet.. the back windows in my jeep are not square at all.. i just found the center and went with that.. didnt way to change the aspect i wanted to keep it as level as possible and remain in the center of the window.. what do you think?
  24. gm2k8

    window decals for my shop on my jeep

    thanks guys.. so many of you have posted your work.. i didnt have anything applied to anything yet.. so i went and did this to advertise some.. always good to advertise right? i have so many ideas in my head.. a buddy of mine wants me to do a 4 color design for him.. i got it already designed in signblazer.. just waitin on some clear app tape so i can align them easier.. this is so fun.. glad i found this forum.. great bunch of folks..
  25. i also looked at my wally world.. they compacted the craft-sewing sections now bummer.. no more sewing fabric.. walmart is plain stupid.. we live in a rural area and almost 99% of them shopped for fabric at walmart.. now most of the quilt makers are having to drive over an hours just to get material from another super wally.. i will have to checkout that corner cutter..