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  1. mcshank

    Decal Question. Please Help

    Yep, Just figured that one out. I'll be keeping up with the new posts' now instead of just one thread. It looks like I'll get a lot more good info this way in the future. Thank-You Very Much! ! !
  2. mcshank

    pricing formula ?

    I found this to be helpful & it covers a lot more than just vinyl. I also like some of the other ideas listed here too... Less expensive & quicker is always better..
  3. mcshank

    Vinyl decal question - please help

    Cool, I learn something new everyday... 1st-Check all new posts' before replying to one... 2nd-I need to experiment with that shadowing option a little more.. Thanks' everyone....
  4. mcshank

    Decal Question. Please Help

    Oops... Yep, I missed the other answers... Sorry about that.... Thanks'
  5. mcshank

    Decal Question. Please Help

    OMG... Cut the newbie some slack. I feel his pain.... I'm no expert but this is how I would tackle that problem. I would copy the 1st white oval & paste it on top, change the color & re-size down keeping proportions, till you get it looking like you want. Keeping both objects centered until you get the outside border like you want. Hide the 1st oval. Then copy the 2nd oval & paste it on top. Re-size & center until you get your oval line around the outside the size you want. Select both top ovals & merge. You should now have just an oval ring that fits just like the image you posted. Un-hide the 1st white oval, center everything like you want. Done... Use weeding to give yourself a border on the 1st white oval & go for it. Cut by color. I would also just cut the larger white ovals 1st. Then cut the second black ovals with the text. Lift the 2nd oval with the text with transfer tape & place on the white oval, voila decal created & ready to go... Hope this helps. ps, I'm a bit of a computer geek so if need be, remote access & a phone call wont cost a thing & I could walk you through the process, if my instructions weren't quite clear enough. Knowledge is power & I love helping people learn new tricks. Good Luck! ! !
  6. mcshank

    Update to 3.053 problems?

    Works for me.... Glad to hear you got your system back up. SCALP is much better at cutting projects than Signblazer. I think most people here will agree with me on that. Give it a try sometime. Pick something witha little detail & cut it from both programs. You will see a difference. SCALP just cuts cleaner lines than Signblazer. SCALP has come a long way in improvements & the options available come in very handy. The rhinestone tool is very cool too. Sounds like you're headed in the right direction. You can't have too many tools in the workshop. If you ever need any tips or help doing something this forum is the best place to go. Everyone here has been happy to help us newbies learn how to make just about anything. So ask all the questions you like... Someone is bound to have the answer here.
  7. mcshank

    Update to 3.053 problems?

    I was able to just install over my current version back to 3.051. When I had trouble with 3.052. You could try the same thing. I wasn't having the same problems, but it solved my issue. When 3.053 was released I updated to it & skipped 3.052. So far so good for me. If you don't have a copy of 3.051, I'm pretty sure I could manage getting you a copy if you don't have one. I usually keep a copy of every version released. I don't think I had to re-register after flip flopping between versions. I use Signblazer for most of my design work also, but it has it's moments too.....
  8. Slice&Dice has just the video instructions you need to complete your project. Text on a path in SCAL2, older version but the same process. Hope this helps!!
  9. Icons on the weeding buttons themselves would make it a lot easier to know what option you’re using when selecting the different weeding options... It took me a while to figure out what the 8 blank buttons were above the preview window & below the border offset. A larger preview window would help tremendously also... Also noticed you have to choose a line color before opening the weeding options or you almost see nothing when placing the weeding lines until you finish & apply the lines to your project....
  10. mcshank

    Adding Fonts and Saving

    New fonts should be available when installed into the OS. If your running Windows, go to your windows\fonts folder & on the File menu select install new font. Hope this helps!! Good Luck!!!
  11. mcshank

    design doesnt seem to cut right with images

    Glad to hear you got it to cut ok.....
  12. mcshank


    DITTO, dude..... I totally agree..... The learning curve is not that bad for signblazer & the help/instruction files included are great. An unlock for SB-Hotshots would be awesome. I'll keep downloading the latest versions of SCALP, but it will be a long time before I use it to design & cut in. Right now it's just something to goof around with in my spare time & check-out any changes in the latest versions. In the mean time SBE is all I use.... PS... And it's free......
  13. mcshank

    design doesnt seem to cut right with images

    It worked fine in my system. No strange cuts in pen or knife mode.... Granted it might have an extra node or two, but they're not out of place or excessive. It’s an interesting design. I'm using WinXP, with SCALP Version 3.047, & a MH721 cutter. It could easily be a software or driver problem, or communication error. I started using a USB connection but found it to be too much trouble. I switched over to the old COM port routine & haven't had any trouble since. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with your design. I wish I could help troubleshoot your problem a little better. Reinstalling software & checking cables is all I can recommend at this point. Hopefully someone else here will have a few more ideas to try. Good Luck!!!!
  14. mcshank

    design doesnt seem to cut right with images

    I downloaded the link & opened it in SCALP. But found no stray nodes. I'll send it to the cutter in a few & see what happens with a pen on some paper. If you R-Click the link & save the file to your desktop you'll be able to open it in SCALP.
  15. I've been using fotolia & only about half of them will import. SCALP keeps working after the import. The import just ends with nothing on the mat. I'm using the same version 3.044... Looks like the eps filter is needing a little more work. Maybe the next update will resolve this. Fingers crossed...