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  1. CarterMarkham

    Blader Holder leaving black marks on vinyl

    I'm still around. I sold it and bought a graphite.
  2. CarterMarkham

    I need help vectorizing...

    All I know is its supposed to be an outline of a car. Can anyone help or not?
  3. CarterMarkham

    I need help vectorizing...

    Why not?
  4. CarterMarkham

    I need help vectorizing...

    Not kidding. A customer drew it up and he wants decals. I can't vectorized it.
  5. CarterMarkham

    I need help vectorizing...

    something someone drew by hand. I am having trouble doing it, I'm not so great at it. Can anyone help me here? Much appreciated!
  6. CarterMarkham

    Firmware Version?

    I tried but it tells me "bad firmware" when I try to update. Followed instructions to a t. I got nervous thinking I bricked the plotter but it works fine when I shut it off and turn it back on.
  7. CarterMarkham

    Firmware Version?

    That's what I thought, but on the graphtec website the latest firmware version is 3.8 that just came out in December 2012. It adds support for the CE6000 and fixes a bug. It's not that I NEED to update but I would want to if I have an old version.
  8. How do you find the firmware version? I thought it would show when you turn the plotter on but it say V6.10 and I know that's not firmware... I cannot find out how to tell in the manual. CE5000-60
  9. CarterMarkham

    What would you charge for this?

    It was my moms business which she is 1/3 owner with my brother and another hair dresser. It wasn't personal, it was business.
  10. CarterMarkham

    What would you charge for this?

    Well it seems I was right in line with what you would charge. I charged them $160 total.
  11. CarterMarkham

    Color Comparison

    You need to CALL Oracal to get the book for free. Ask and you shall receive. I called and they said they would send one, I didn't get it so I called back and they sent me one with samples as well.
  12. CarterMarkham

    What would you charge for this?

    What would your install fee be? It took me about 2 hours.
  13. I use PayAnywhere. Great customer service, lowest rates, and quick transfer to your bank account.
  14. I did a job today for my mothers salon. Before I tell you what I charged, I want to know what you would charge. To put things into perspective, each window is 36 inches wide. The j and h are both ~43 inches tall.
  15. CarterMarkham

    Vinyl roll jumps off rollers

    In the morning I will take them off, maybe they are throwing the balance off and taking back my slack!