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    angel wings

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    Squeegee Alternatives??

    Thanks!I am definitely checking into a cold laminator. That is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Now to find a good quality one at a price I can afford. It will make my life easier.
  3. advantagegraffixx

    Squeegee Alternatives??

    I'm really looking for something that is powered and that I could just feed decals through that are already taped. Something that will do the work of squeegeeing the app tape to the decal so to speak. My "shop" is here at home and so space is limited. I work mostly alone because I take care of my disabled husband. I just finished up an order for about 20,000 decals and in the middle of another 12,000 order. That's a lot of squeegeeing. Lol
  4. advantagegraffixx

    Squeegee Alternatives??

    We do many thousands of decals ranging up to 9 by 30 inches long. Most need taping so this obviously runs into huge amount of work. Is there any type of machine that we can buy or make ourselves that would be easier than using a plastic squeegee? My thought is some type of roller device similar to the old wringer washer except it might cause curling. So what's out there? What do you suggest? Thanks in advance
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    help with this

    Awesome! Thanks!
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    Security system window decals

  7. advantagegraffixx

    Bull Dog pulling an oil rig with a chain?

    I worked on it after I posted this request and actually came up with a pretty good graphic for it. The chain was what I was worried about but after finding one I thought might be ok and then manipulating it for awhile I figured out how to make it work for the image.I am very stoked about doing it myself! If I could figure out how to upload here. I would share it. Shelle
  8. Would any one happen to have a bulldog pulling an oil rig on a chain? All I have is a postage stamp sized image to work from so I can't just vectorize it. My son wants a decal like this for his new truck. He works in the oil field. I have searched all over with no luck. Thanks in advance for any help. Shelle
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    Jesus Christ Decals????

    I know this is an old thread but it is awesome! Thanks~
  10. advantagegraffixx

    Deer skull

    Thanks so much for these! I have a lot of customers who are deer hunters and this will be very handy for decals.
  11. advantagegraffixx

    Ext. Comp. Magnets

    Yes there is a tool that is used to round corners. Most sign supply companies sell them. Handy little tool.
  12. advantagegraffixx

    Some deer outlines

    I know this is an older post but I still wanted to say thank you!
  13. advantagegraffixx

    New and in need of help!

    There are some great tutorials out there for Inkscape. Google it and you will find lots of them.
  14. advantagegraffixx

    Race Car

    Nice Job!
  15. advantagegraffixx

    :Newbie Needing Help:

    Before buying a cutter I would download a free program like Inkscape and play around with it. Design and learn the ropes to see if you like it. Then once you feel comfortable with that end of it start looking at cutters. Are you planning this as a full time business, part time or just an occasional hobby? It will make a difference on the size and type of cutter you may want to invest in. I work from home myself and I can tell you we have almost outgrown our space in a matter of months! We plan on placing a portable office or building a shop this spring to move into on or property. I do mostly printed decals for businesses but also some vinyl cutting as well. It may sound easy to work from home but there are some challenges to think about. My biggest obstacle is separating my work time from my off time. Shelle