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    Nice work. I am curious...did you frame this with any type of glass or acrylic over it?
  2. Sweetcheeksinoc

    home decor gift

    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Did you put your graphic on the underside of the top glass or the top side of the bottom glass?
  3. Sweetcheeksinoc


    Thanks OWJONES. It doesn't really need to be removed from the backing layer. I just thought it would look better on a nicer grade of paper.
  4. Sweetcheeksinoc


    Does anyone know what type of paper I can use as a substrate without the paper tearing when I apply the adhesive tape to it? I've cut out my design, weeded it but need to apply it to some type of paper so I can frame it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Sweetcheeksinoc

    Little Joe

    Nice work. I have done some similar. Do you use the transfer tape and mount these on paper or anything?
  6. Sweetcheeksinoc

    Cutting Heat Press Vinyl

    I bought the Siser heat press vinyl too and just tried mine and I am having the same issue. It barely scores the vinyl. I lowered my blade a bit but that didn't make much of a difference. I'll adjust the pressure now and try that. Did you ever get yours to work? I's appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  7. Sweetcheeksinoc

    Uneven cutting

    Thanks Dan. I appreciate your help. I am using the USB cable that came with the SC cutter. I used the cutter yesterday to cut out some short lettering and it wasn't cutting offset this much but I did notice there were areas of some of the letters that did not cut evenly. My speed is set at 400 and my pressure is set at 12g.
  8. Sweetcheeksinoc

    Uneven cutting

    I have an SC34 cutter. The cutting starts out fine but then some of the letters jump lower to cut or sometimes it even skips letters. Can someone help? Iam new to this and would appreciate any tips. Thanks a bunch!