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  1. Anyone have a cartoon-like cuttable graphic of a shark. If possible looking toward you. I've searched here (even the many untitled zips) and haven't turned up any that will work. There is one nice profile of two but, that's it. Thanks, Regis
  2. RegisG

    SBE "smooth corner" function

    In SBE help, there is a "smooth corner" function. Says it is under Manipulate. Can't find. It doesn't show as a feature in Pro that is not in SBE. Is that function gone away (or planned) or can I simply not find it? Thanks, Regis
  3. Is anyone using Econo C-Bond for outdoor signs? It is a thermoplastic core with aluminum on each side. It is very nice to work with but, I don't know its outdoor durability. I have a signsupplyusa nearby and they sell it so, I'm trying it. But, I'd like to know anyone's experience with it outdoors. Thanks, Regis
  4. Someone asked for vertical text a few weeks ago and I came across this today. I was trying to do a vertical banner and found I can do nice vertical text in MS Word using WordArt. So, I pasted into Corel for the first sample and pasted into SBE (2nd example) and it worked just fine also. Hope some can use for me!
  5. RegisG

    Nashville Predators graphic

    Thank you. That's what I needed.
  6. Does anyone have Nashville Predators graphic for cutting vinyl? I looked at Brands of the World and general search but nothing. The one with panther looking head. Thanks, Regis
  7. RegisG

    Couple of things I did when Bored, lol

    Kool graphics.
  8. RegisG


    I lived 18 wonderful months hunting and fishing south of you in/around Klamath Falls, Or. How about 25" brown (in the lake) and lots of 15"+ rainbow & browns in streams & rivers. Did get one reasonable blacktail. But, things have probably changed sine 1967/68 when I was there. Gulf of Mexico fishing here just doesn't compare to fly or spinning rod fishing in a beautiful clear high mountain stream. And, I've done a lot of both.
  9. RegisG

    Never again

    Nice work John.
  10. Does anyone have experience with My daughter found one image there that she likes and I "wonder" if their .eps file are of good quality for cutting. Subscription is $29/year which is ok if I end up with 10+ quality images. Experience/Opinions please. Thank you, Regis
  11. RegisG

    iclipart experience - Good/poor???

    Thanks Joe. They do provide .eps vector files
  12. RegisG

    Advice Please

    If the text is very small, I would weld/punch in the circle and then layer over your letter color. For very small letters, it is much easier to weed the letters as opposed to leaving the letters.
  13. RegisG

    Cutable Great White Shark "clipart"

    WOW! Went to do some work for a few minutes, what responses. Thank you all
  14. RegisG

    Interesting Banner

    Here's banner I made for local violin shop to put above their front door.
  15. RegisG

    Interesting Banner

    John, If I was closer, I'd teach you how to properly re-hair a bow. I restored violins and bows for several years. I still have a dozen or so "old" bows to put on ebay and 2 to go to Tarisio auction in NYC. I think I'll let daughter give some quality instruments to deserving children when I'm gone (hope not toooo soon though). I play terrible but, with some instruments it seems like they sing by themselves.
  16. RegisG

    Ship decal with masking

    Thanks. One of these days my web site will be in shape that I can actually sell something via internet. Regis
  17. Do you ship decals with transfer masking in place for end user to apply (and remeove masking)? Do end users have much difficulty or complaints? Thanks, Regis
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  19. RegisG

    Pricing just the cut

    Unless you know them VERY well, I would be caucious of using someone elses vinyl. What is the cost to you if 10' of his vinyl gets messed up in your shop? Doesn't matter why (old, or machine fluke, or misspelled, or.....). I used to engrave and the 1st time I messed up engraving someone elses spoon, I had to replace it retail. Lesson learned. my 2c Regis
  20. RegisG

    Sign Blazer Help (Please)!

    At least you can do the text banner directly in SBE. When you say "jumbled", is it just on the workspace or actually cuts extra lines in the vinyl? If just in workspace, you may just have a video problem. I would create a small simple graphic in X-3, import into SBE and cut it (reguardless of what the workspace looks like. That may help you diagnose. Plase let us know. Regis
  21. RegisG

    Storefront finished!!!

    Nicely done. I like you shading choice on the oriental writing. and the tiger is kool Regis
  22. RegisG

    What's your hobby?

    Other than being a Pittsburgh STEELERS fan (in Florida), I enjoy leather carving and goldsmith (jewelry making). Trying to learn airbrushing. And, I guess this forum has become a hobby....of some sort. Regis
  23. RegisG

    vista vs xp

    You do need to buy software for each pc....except perhaps SBE. The trial version does everything I want it to and there is no company to sell the pro/full version at this time. I'm real pleased with XP but, of everthing I've read, if you stay away from usb ports, XP or vista works fine. Regis
  24. RegisG

    vista vs xp

    I have XP laptop(travel) and workstation. Workstation connected serial to cutter. Use serial or parallel connect and not usb (too many usb headaches). I have Corel, Inkscape, and SBE on both. Great combination I think. Regis
  25. I'm having trouble smoothly applying Oracal 810 paint mask on curved surfaces (e.g. fender or helmet). With apptape, it tends to just wrinkle in the curves. Without apptape any cut designs are very easily distorted (streeched or pulled out of shape). I've tried wet and dry. What am I missing?? With apptape, it is just as likely to distort/streech while removing the tape. 811 works great but only on flat surfaces. Appreciate any tips or techniques. Regis