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  1. RegisG

    Nashville Predators graphic

    Thank you. That's what I needed.
  2. Does anyone have Nashville Predators graphic for cutting vinyl? I looked at Brands of the World and general search but nothing. The one with panther looking head. Thanks, Regis
  3. RegisG

    Couple of things I did when Bored, lol

    Kool graphics.
  4. RegisG


    I lived 18 wonderful months hunting and fishing south of you in/around Klamath Falls, Or. How about 25" brown (in the lake) and lots of 15"+ rainbow & browns in streams & rivers. Did get one reasonable blacktail. But, things have probably changed sine 1967/68 when I was there. Gulf of Mexico fishing here just doesn't compare to fly or spinning rod fishing in a beautiful clear high mountain stream. And, I've done a lot of both.
  5. RegisG

    Never again

    Nice work John.
  6. RegisG

    iclipart experience - Good/poor???

    Thanks Joe. They do provide .eps vector files
  7. Does anyone have experience with My daughter found one image there that she likes and I "wonder" if their .eps file are of good quality for cutting. Subscription is $29/year which is ok if I end up with 10+ quality images. Experience/Opinions please. Thank you, Regis
  8. RegisG

    Advice Please

    If the text is very small, I would weld/punch in the circle and then layer over your letter color. For very small letters, it is much easier to weed the letters as opposed to leaving the letters.
  9. RegisG

    Cutable Great White Shark "clipart"

    WOW! Went to do some work for a few minutes, what responses. Thank you all
  10. Anyone have a cartoon-like cuttable graphic of a shark. If possible looking toward you. I've searched here (even the many untitled zips) and haven't turned up any that will work. There is one nice profile of two but, that's it. Thanks, Regis
  11. RegisG

    Interesting Banner

    John, If I was closer, I'd teach you how to properly re-hair a bow. I restored violins and bows for several years. I still have a dozen or so "old" bows to put on ebay and 2 to go to Tarisio auction in NYC. I think I'll let daughter give some quality instruments to deserving children when I'm gone (hope not toooo soon though). I play terrible but, with some instruments it seems like they sing by themselves.
  12. RegisG

    Interesting Banner

    Here's banner I made for local violin shop to put above their front door.
  13. RegisG

    Ship decal with masking

    Thanks. One of these days my web site will be in shape that I can actually sell something via internet. Regis
  14. Do you ship decals with transfer masking in place for end user to apply (and remeove masking)? Do end users have much difficulty or complaints? Thanks, Regis
  15. RegisG