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  1. Anyone try these inks yet? I'm hesitant to try aftermarket inks in my GS6000
  2. datoshway

    Heat Press Help

    Ok so it's verified, I used a thermometer, these machines have a c printed on the screen but obviously must have been converted to F.
  3. datoshway

    Heat Press Help

    I bought this heat press a few weeks ago http://www.uscutter.com/Large-15-x-23-Clamshell-Heat-Press-FLHP460 So far pretty happy with it, but question. I have been using Siser Easy Weed, and having a hard time keeping the material stuck down. I noticed this machine is in Cel Temp, Easy Weed calls for 150c at 15 seconds. However at that temp and time, my matierial is no where close to being done. I have to set it to 300c and leave it in for a good 4 or 5 min to get things to stay on. What gives??
  4. datoshway

    Pcut 48" feeding crooked

    SO just an update. I bought some new blades, blade pressure went down inevitably to 169. Tracking seems better but still tracking slightly sideways on larger jobs. Anything else I can check/adjust to correct this?
  5. datoshway

    Pcut 48" feeding crooked

    Thanks for the replies guys. Heres a little bit more info on what is happening. We are using this with a printer. So typically what I do is put the printed piece through the cutter with a perfectly straight .25 line box around the piece. I use the pen tool to align the paper through perfect. Now the feeding issue seems to happen once the cutter is using the blade. Could it be an issue with the amount of blade pressure i'm using? I have it really high (191) so I can get through the laminate and 3m comply, also the blade might be ready for replacement. Could any of these factors have an influence on what we are getting offset? Thanks in advance.
  6. For some reason, no matter how straight the paper is loaded in, the pcut just feeds it through very very slightly crooked. I don't know what else to do to solve this issue. We notice it usually on longer jobs. Please help.
  7. datoshway

    PCUT and printer

    I got a Creation PCUT a number of years ago, now we added an epson gs6000 to the line up and just wondering what people are doing on aligning the vinyl once printed through the cutter. I know we eventually will get a cutter with an eye but for now this will have to do. Any tips?
  8. datoshway

    3M 180C series vinyl

    Does anyone know if you can do a wet application (solution) with 3M 180C series vinyl? I just got introduced to this product and it looks amazing.
  9. datoshway

    Cutting nonskid

    Does anybody know of a blade or any way to cut nonskid out on a vinyl cutter?
  10. I didn't get that desktop rolling with mine, but I do have that transfer tape roller. Just concerned what happens when I have a large roll.
  11. I have a 50" cutter, have had it for a few years now. Satisfied with it for the price. But i'm having issues with the cutter randomly not finishing cuts mostly on larger stickers, and on multi color jobs when using X marks for alignment, i'm getting inconsistent placement, even though they originated from the same file. I'd say about 50% of the time it's perfect, the other 50% is alot of variation of alignment etc. Any ideas on how I can correct this?
  12. Does anyone have any solutions for the cutter to be on the table and have the spool behind it?
  13. datoshway

    Vinyl Printer

    I should add all my jobs seem to be for outdoor. So the ink would need to be moisture proof
  14. datoshway

    Vinyl Printer

    I am looking for a vinyl printer. I have the Creation P cut, love it. Awesome cutter for the price but latley i'v been getting a ton of requests for vinyl printing. I have been looking around and the printer/cutters seem really really expensive but i'm thinking just a vinyl printer would be sufficient. I am looking for a printer that can do both vinyl banners and vinyl sticker stuff. Can you guys recommend a good machine? Is there a decent way to use both the creation and a printer together? Just wondering.
  15. datoshway

    Looking for PVC Blanks

    I need to make a sign out of 1/4 PVC for OUTDOOR use. Do you guys have any ideas on where to get these? I'v seen a few PVC blanks but they seem to be foam which I don't presume would be very good for outdoor.