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    paper source

    You may also want to check large local printing companies. My brother works for one and he gets huge 24-36" rolls for free for me. The company gets really long rolls and this is the cut off scrap.
  2. VinylDave

    Hello Everybody! Happy Memorial Weekend!

    Thanks Slice, I truly want this to flourish into a business. Just gotta find my niche.
  3. VinylDave

    stick family and animals

    Thanks....old post but good stuff
  4. VinylDave

    Todays Project

    Much nicer than my town's truck
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    nice graphic

  6. VinylDave

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    Thanks! These are great!
  7. VinylDave

    Hello Everybody! Happy Memorial Weekend!

    Yeah, I couldn't believe the listing price! Then I just figured what the heck, how 'bout $700. He replied, sounds good. I couldn't believe it. Problem was I had to drive up past Ft. Wayne to get it (4 hr. drive). He demo'd it, I paid, then I ran like a thief in the night.
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    hello everybody , enjoy here

    Hi and Welcome!
  9. VinylDave

    Why hello there

    Hello & welcome from the Buckeye state!