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  1. repodon

    dukes of hazard car

    does any body have a good vector of the general lee ( dukes of hazard car) they would like to share thanks in advance
  2. i haven't been on in so damn long been busy with training dogs and also getting my non profit organization started does any body do screen printing or heat press vinyl needing about 3 dozen t- shirts made t shirts are light and dark blue and white t-shirts with the word tarheel kennels and training on the back the white t-shirts are in need of black lettering and the blue is with yellow lettering the size of the shirts i need is large and x large need some one that can give me a price need cheapest rather it be screen printed or vinyl the cheapest thanks please send all quoted prices to
  3. repodon

    Etched glasses for xmas

    butnz what kind of place did you sell them to as Ive tried every tom dick and harry around here in fayetteville NC and cant get nothing Ive tried gift shops Ive tried golf shops Ive tried every body there are and just frustrated tired of giving and not receiving
  4. repodon

    have a question to the group

    thanks roger i am going to go and meet with her on tuesday as they are closed on sunday and monday and i am going to ask her to get ahold of the corporation and have it in writting to cover my ASS
  5. repodon

    have a question to the group

    thanks to all for your input i wqill be getting up with her on tuesday and seeing about haveing her contact the corp and getting it in writting thanks to all thank you
  6. repodon

    have a question to the group

    like i thought thanks
  7. repodon

    have a question to the group

    i know i should have thought about this daaaaaaaa common sence will tell me any thing i do get it in writing if it is copywrited daaaaaa smacks self in head
  8. i done a drinking glass 16 oz i did with the harley davidson logo and on other side of drinking glass i put a harley davidson on other side it is sandcarved and i took it to the local harley davidson shop. Gave it to the manager and she liked it asked me to bring some samples of what all i can do and some flyers and she will pass my name to every body. Now my qeustion is to the group would i be best to get it in writing for the permission to do the logo and also the harley davisdon as it is copy righted (just to cover my ass) get it in writing
  9. repodon


    Dakotagrafx omg u all are some dirty rascals i gotcha now i guess for now on i got to keep my mind in the cutter ( on sex ) lmao omg u all are not right i was referring to the mug and vinyl you dirty minded rascals
  10. repodon


    im lost what did i miss or say that is funny please enlighten me
  11. repodon


    what i do is run the bath tube with hot water let them soak for several minutes and take my hand and run down or up either way and it comes off real easy with me rubbing my hand over it let them soak totally under water hot water prefered it comes off very very easy
  12. repodon

    Capitol Building

    thanks american i saved it from earlier and couldnt find it from when i asked previousely and banner john answered thanks hatman i sent it to your email address as thats the only way john told me how to do it i would post it to the forum but dont know how to do that damn computers mess em all to hell all the time
  13. repodon

    Capitol Building

    i found where i posted the question how to take a clip art to send it to a person in a email ill do that if you like hatman
  14. repodon

    Capitol Building

    i have one in the mega vector clip art books from uscutter once i figure out how to take it from the cd to send it or post it on the forum ill be glad to help if any one knows how to do this i like to help
  15. repodon

    how do i download this one

    thanks jay appreciate it thanks