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  1. Stoke

    Layering Issues - HELP!

    Yeah, I've searched all those out and watched them repeatedly..... I'm just not doing something right somewhere.... Its as if I need 8 hands to hold everything, etc.
  2. I've done several 2 color things in the past with little or no problems. Right now I'm attempting some 3 and 4 color designs and am having a lot of trouble with the layering. By the time I get to the 3rd layer, the tape (along with everything else) is basically one big wrinkle and is pretty much garbage. Any hints, tips tricks to make things work a little better? Or am I just doing something totally wrong?
  3. Thanks for the help guys. Now one more thing..... This was going to be a 3 color design on a white magnetic blank. Lets say we remove the magnetic blank and add a 4th vinyl layer thats a white oval. Now the finished size would be 20" w X 13" h. How much would that change your estimates?
  4. I have a quantity of 4 of these to make. The size of the magnet blank is the standard 12"X24". What kind of prices would you guys come up with? Thanks for the help!!
  5. Stoke

    First Banner

    This one was 3'X5' and I did it with a 24". Just have to learn where to piece it....
  6. Stoke

    First Banner

    Thanks folks. It was a major learning experience.
  7. Stoke

    Banner Help

    Oh sorry....brain cramp there. I meant to say "I didnt spray as much as the first time"...... just forgot to finish the sentence for some reason..... I lightly sprayed the area on the banner and very very lightly sprayed the vinyl....
  8. Stoke

    Banner Help

    Sometime back I had read a thread about the various recipes for application fluid. What I mixed up apparently was way short on the alcohol and was basically water with a squirt of soap. When I wet everything down and placed the letters, there was too much water and it would never dry. 2 hours later it was still wet and and the letters just peeled right back up - nothing would stick. I peeled everything back off, dried the banner material completely and then cleaned it off with denatured alcohol. This time I mixed up a new batch of fluid using 3 cups water, 1/2 cup alcohol and the small squirt of soap. For the second attempt, I didnt spray. We placed the letters, got them positioned, squeegy-ed eveything out, and within minutes peeled the tape off. This time everything stuck just like it was supposed to.
  9. Stoke

    First Banner

    Heres the first banner that we attempted. Thanks for the help on the questions that I asked beforehand!
  10. Stoke

    Banner Help

    2nd attempt went much better. Pic will be posted in show your work.
  11. Stoke

    Banner Help

    I must have started "too wet".... after cleaning the banner and getting everything read, i put the first part down. I got it placed where I wanted it and started squeegy-ing.... I thought I had it pretty dry and even left it sitting a couple hours. I came back and everything jsut peeled right up....nothing stuck. Oh well, I'll re-clean and try again with less liquid this time...
  12. Stoke

    PCUT Shipped today
  13. Stoke

    Roll Vinyl Calculator

    Looks good.
  14. Stoke

    Banner Help

    ok...possibly stupid question here. I'm getting ready to attempt my first banner and in the process, the largest thing I have attempted size-wise. I'm a little unsure of something that may be obvious but I don't want to waste a whole lot of vinyl if I can help it.... anyway.... The banner is 36" X 60" and will have 2 colors. Its basically an outline of North and South Carolina (in black) with an image of a car inside (also in black) and three lines of red text. Two of these lines of text interact with the states outline - above and below the car. The third line is below the outline and shouldn't present a problem. Anyway, my main question is, can the layering be done on the banner itself or am I gonna have to do it on the application tape like I would a much smaller image? If i put the 1st layer down wet, once its completely dry, can i do the second layer without the tape pulling on the 1st layer? I done plenty of small multicolored window stickers but nothing anywhere near this large. Again, it may be obvious once I do it but I'd like to have a bit of an idea of what may happen before I start. Thanks in advance for the expert help you guys always willing to share.