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    Some glass etchings

    Finally got off my lazy butt and did what I had to do to practice on some glass. Made these for a family friend on the $1.98 walmart beer mugs. Used the 70 grit AO from harbor freight. Like everyone said, I am now addicted. I'm liking this 70 grit in the blasting cabinet a lot better than the 220 with the air eraser. 1st thing the wife said was..."great, now nothing in the house is safe!" Then she started talking about her name on wine glasses LOL
  2. kauffman21

    Table top etch... Compass Rose

    that looks amazing. you could sell some of those for sure. I love it.
  3. kauffman21

    New addition to my truck

    you need some eyelashes for that thing lol
  4. kauffman21

    Very first prototype.

    Agree with Mark. looks good, but more space at bottom... but that's how we learn right lol
  5. kauffman21

    1st vehicle

    looks good
  6. kauffman21

    Another racecar done

    looks good. I can never get a good picture taken either.
  7. kauffman21

    Something different!

    i love that stuff. I've never had anything done, but it looks amazing. I'd like to get my pistol done eventually.
  8. kauffman21

    My latest Work Hoody

    wow that's HTV? looks great. any advice on working with the shoulders/seams? I've never tried simply because it looks hard to get right.
  9. kauffman21

    My latest creation

    good first one. You need more practice though, see how the double layer "shadow" is on the H in Hebert (almost on top of the first layer)... then by the time you get to the last letter, the y in company, it's almost as if they are two separate letters. Easy fix though, more practice and possibly use registration marks of some sort. Hope u take this the right way, only trying to help.
  10. kauffman21

    I love my facebook barcode

    yeah, i got to see that one...
  11. kauffman21

    Dads Challanger

    looks good, I bet he loves it. Wish I had a car like that.
  12. kauffman21


    nice desk
  13. kauffman21

    Full camo wrap Ford Edge

    I love it. totally changes the whole feel of the car.
  14. kauffman21

    Some glass etchings

    Nice idea about the mug club, hopefully they buy into it
  15. Huge dry erase board, it's either 7 or 8ft long.... Works like a charm
  16. kauffman21

    Etched Seabees

    two questions for ya, 1. where are you getting the glass+stand combo? looks awesome. 2. where do you get the Rayzist sr3000 photo mask? I'm new to blasting and I have never heard of it. you said you used this because you didn't want to weed the logo, well I hate weeding so this might work for me as well. Thanks in advance!
  17. kauffman21

    World Class Grass

    That's a good looking logo! very good work
  18. kauffman21

    Etched clock

    I was using 220 grit AO at like 60-80psi and it was hard to keep them on. So I lowered the psi and it took way too long to do one wine glass! So I went and bought some 70 grit AO to try, but I've been so busy lately with the youth soccer season just starting here and everyone wanting jerseys and shirts done ASAP, so I haven't had the time to change out the AO and try the 70 grit. But, I'm ok with that complaint... me being too busy is actually a problem that I like to have, not too sure how the other "smaller" shops on here do it, but it seems as though when i'm busy, I'm really slammed...but when it's dead, it's really dead. There is no middle ground here.
  19. kauffman21

    First Ever Decal

    KDM_Freak, just an idea for you, when I first started I bought a roll of greenstar from uscutter and just started cutting things to get used to it. The rolls are less than $15 and the experience you gain from practice is well worth it! I haven't been doing vinyl for too long, just under 4 years now so I'm still a newbie, but I sure am glad I took another members advice and practiced a lot before I started getting a lot of orders. No matter how good you think it looks now, in a year or two you'll see one of the first things you cut and you'll be like "man, I really sucked" or maybe not, I did, but then again maybe you will pick up on it quicker. Good luck though, the best advice I can give is to read through these forums and learn from other peoples mistakes!
  20. kauffman21

    Craft shows

    Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it to read later also. I haven't yet experienced a craft show, but I have given it a thought. I usually always miss out on things like this because, me being me, I want to go to a show first to see what it's about then try it out the next year if I see an opportunity for me to cash in on something. Thanks again for the share.
  21. kauffman21


    I grabbed it too, thanks for the post.
  22. kauffman21

    Trying to expand my exposure

    Off topic, but that reminds me of online customers who call me because they don't want to enter their info into one of my paypal invoices, so they call in with their info...and I run it on paypal. lol, people amaze me, I mean who hasn't heard of paypal these days?
  23. kauffman21

    Etched clock

    I am amazed at how small the details are on the mug, I can barely keep the insides of letters double that size in place
  24. kauffman21

    Where to buy Aluminium oxide??

    I just went and picked up some 70grit AO from Harbor Freight today, hopefully I find some time to try it out this week. I just have to clean all of the 220grit out of my cabinet.... which I am dreading to do.
  25. kauffman21

    first try with inkscape

    can't read it. after I saw that I couldn't read the first few words....I gave up trying. I'd assume that's probably what everyone else is doing as well. Great idea, bad delivery.