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  1. Hi again Skeeter, I don't know if this will narrow it down at all, but just tried a cut by using list that came with flexi. 'creation pcut, ct630'. pressed send and it cut nearly all the word as usual then stopped just before it finished. I then added new setup by clicking on newly downloaded uscutters driver. 'creation pcut ctN630'. I then pressed send and it then finished the last cut and then cut the weeding border and then proceeded to cut the new word but cut a mirror image of it at 90 degrees to the first one., but actually finished the cut and weeding border! How's that for strange??
  2. funny you should ask that, when you mentioned drivers on last post I remembered a driver download on uscutters so I downloaded and tried flexi with my mh721 but to no avail. I will now try flexi with pcut. I did download driver that came with artcut setup disc. I think it said kingcut driver or something. Anyway, will try new driver and report......actually, just checked uscutters drivers list in flexi add set up.. clicked on uscutters then cutter list came up. on list is ctn630 but my machine is ct630. I dont suppose it makes any difference, will try anyway.
  3. I'm using a compaq pentium 4, 1.6ghz 256 mb ram desktop and my aspire intel celeron laptop 1.73gh .99gb ram. The flexi 7.6 is on both. I used to use flexi with my old roland pnc1000 that I bought in the 80's and it worked ok but that crashed a few months ago. how do I access info on drivers?
  4. Hi Timbo, I also just purchased a ct630 and ran signblazer with same mirror result. Also cuts 90 degrees off what is shown in cutter window. Very frustrating. I am searching forums right now so if I come across anything that might solve dilemma, I'll let you know. Could you please do the same if you have any luck regards lee.
  5. I just grounded cutter, changed packet size to 1000 and curve quality to medium but still same result. I also connected with serial cable. I'm starting to wonder if 7.6 is compatible as even though signblazer cuts in reverse it still finishes cut and weed border and so does artcut 2009 that came with cutter........
  6. Hi again Skeeter, I'm still finding my way around this site, I think I just replied to my own post instead of to you. I got into production manager and packet size wasn't checked. When I checked it the number 8 came up. This seems a long way from 1000. Could 7.6 be using a different format or should I change this to 1000? hope to hear from you soon, many thanks Lee
  7. Hi Skeeter, thanks for the info. I've tried both serial and usb with the same results so I ruled that out. I haven't tried grounding cutter as figured it wasn't random errors. It stops in the same place every time, but I will certainly give it a go now. Not sure how to find flexi default job properties. Could you please advise. I'll check it out when I log off and change to your suggested settings. I've since tried signblazer and went to cut and wording came out in reverse and 90 degrees out from what showed on cut window! Even though I didnt tick mirror or rotate... another dilemma. Anyway thanks again for your advice and will endeavour to get to bottom of it, regards Lee.
  8. Hi all, I just purchased a new pcut ct630 and opened up signblazer to do a test cut. The word that I cut came out back to front as if mirrored and 90 degrees out from what showed on cutting window. I didnt use mirror command or rotate etc so figured it must be some kind of xy issue or other setup step, has anyone else had this problem or know how to rectify?? Any help would be much appreciated as I cant use my flexi 7.6 as cutter wont finish any designs (stops just before end of job) regards Lee.
  9. Hi all, I just received new pcut ct630 after having no luck getting flexi 7.6 to run on mh721 and started cutting only to find pcut stops cutting just before the end of job. For instance if I cut the word "TEST" it will stop before the last 2 or 3 strokes of the letter T. If I put a weeding border around it, it will stop half way through weeding border. If I cut a circle 3" diameter, it will leave half inch gap so it doesnt join. It does the same thing with usb or serial. I think Ive checked right boxes in port settings. Also when this happens the cutter reads "WAITING". I reckon I've tried to run flexi on my refine for about 4 years with no luck and have had to use artcut instead so I tought the pcut was my saviour.... might start getting the oil out of my brushes! hope someone can help, regards Lee.
  10. adcentre

    cuting with windows 7 ?

    Hi there everyone, I'm also setting up pcut with laptop so I can go mobile so I can service remote areas that have no signwriters.. I'm a bit embarrased but I just joined as new member and can't work out how to post a question so can someone possibly give me a bit of a rundown on procedure, much appreciated, regards Lee.