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  1. routesmith

    Ai file in Flexi starter

    Where is this crazy unmask command everyone keeps talking about?
  2. routesmith

    How do I cut this in Signblazer

    so you just want to cut in one colour.... Ok so click cutter, select the top colour, hold shift then click the last color, then you should have check marks on all the colours. Your output window should show all the panels and as you know, anything you see in the output is what gets cut. Wayne
  3. routesmith

    flexi starer 7.62

    when I have the graphic selected convert to outlines is not highlighted and Im not sure where to find unmasked... I havent been able to node edit anything yet actually.
  4. routesmith

    MD Customz project Lightning McQueen

    awesome, nice job, never heard of a ford puma though. Very nice of the garage to donate the car.
  5. routesmith

    4x8 Exterior Store Front Sign

    Wow, Ive never even used that feature, looks great, sharp edges very nice Wayne
  6. routesmith

    flexi starer 7.62

    I FINALLY got a copy of this program after using signblaster for the last 5 years and I cant seem to node edit this PDF file that someone sent me, It looks like I can cut it, I just cant edit the thing. Anyone know how to do it? thanks Wayne
  7. Look elsewhere in this site, there should be a link for free avery samples. AF
  8. and Tom from tech support says that Serial, Parallel and USB are all affected by static the same way. yay
  9. yep, done the serial part 7 times now
  10. went and got a null modem adatper, that didnt help
  11. crap I just read it has to be a null modem cable. off to Rat shack
  12. oooooh REally!! thanks Joe. I guess I can get the driver from the support site eh? thanks Wayne
  13. Even if I have a serial port? I bought this new to me machine to dedicate to my vinyl cutting. Wayne
  14. Hi everyone, yes I have had this cutter for 3 years now and I am just starting to use serial now. How much vinyl have I wasted on USB? I care not to comment about it can someone give me some pointers, I have verified the com port in bios in hardware manager and in SBE all are matched and using hardware handshake, I would even be happy to use parallel, but neither of them work thanks, Wayne
  15. routesmith

    Long Cuts

    I will do that NOW, thanks Wayne