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  1. CKR

    Backing paper sticking

    One thing you may need to do is the set the blade so it is about half of the thickness of a credit card, also you may have the blade pressure set to high. Unscrew the end of the blade holder. You will have to find your way on the cutter menu and scroll till you find the one that says pressure and back off the number.
  2. CKR

    new bumper sticker

    Nice I like that! True!
  3. I have has the same thing happen to me, the bottom line it's not static. I went old school and installed a RS232 card in my PC I have not in the past year had a problem. I can answer why. I notices the USB ports are shared on my DELL and something was over riding or eating up the usage Run all the ground wires you want I don't think it's going to work. And when I had the problem it had been raining for two weeks. No static! Your choice! 1 10 yard roll vinyl 16 bucks 1 rs 232 card 12 bucks 2nd roll vinyl 16 bucks rs232 cord 8 bucks. If you got the port use it! Forget the USB port CKR
  4. Go to this site and down load the program, it will do what you want in no time Cone layout I think the link is to the download, if no look around
  5. CKR

    who's fault was it

    I have Oracal 651 on my trailer for 5+ years and it looks as good as the day it was installed. Black on a white trailer sitting in the sun 100+ and in the cold. CKR
  6. CKR

    Need Barb Wire

    Thanks! ME TOOOOOOOO!
  7. CKR

    "Welcome Home" to forum member 'outbreak'

    Thanks! And Welcome Home >
  8. CKR

    Construction Worker/Handyman

    Thanks Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. CKR


    Thanks Banner John I took a copy! CKR
  10. I have on my own trailer used lacquer thinner to remove the glue ---BUT you need to be fast! Wipe on wipe off FAST! It will start to eat a the coating as a mater fact I have cleaned the exterior of the trailer with lacquer thinner and a ton of rags (not a good idea dangerous as he**) The trailer I have is white baked enamel on aluminum. But if you need a real good product to remove any black streaks try real good stuff. I used the streak X in place of the lacquer thinner to remove the black streaks. Use you own judgment! Just my 2 cents! CKR
  11. CKR

    Swimming Pool

    Thanks I took a copy! CKR
  12. CKR

    north carolina state university logo
  13. CKR

    need SULLAIR logo

    You may have to go on the web and find something that will open it.
  14. CKR

    need SULLAIR logo

    Is this what you need
  15. CKR

    Looking For Honda On Motorcycle

    You will find all you need