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  1. showaride

    where to buy?

    I was wonder where online I could buy a good high performance tint? Also what kind of applaction fluid do you use? Same as wet apply for vinyl? Anyone have a vid of how to apply tint? Thanks
  2. showaride

    need these

    need a new VW beatle convertible or coupe. Also does anyone have the design for the Michigan Hockey team helment?
  3. I can't find this. Please help.
  4. showaride

    need a fishing ruler

    Wow in HD!!! Ya the one I have now could use a updated, GPS doesn't even like to work most of the time. Ya, I think I might have to check Bass Pro.
  5. showaride

    need a fishing ruler

    Well guys I bought a bass boat and was wondering if I could get some help making a ruler graphic to put on the boat. I was thinking of a fish with a ruler on it showing 0" up to 14" which is the legal size to keep. Well guys lets see what we can make!
  6. showaride

    need a fishing ruler

    I never tride to make a ruler decal so thought maybe someone had one. I guess I could just cut a fish that is 14" long and call it good. Does anyone have a side view of a bass?
  7. Trying to do t-shirts, looking for a place to get a couple of yards of vinyl to try it out and a place to get t-shirts for dirt cheap. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have a guys who want to do a full length graphic on his car. I have attached one he saw, to let you guys know what type of thing I'm looking for. I dont think he want a fast and furious big one but a one color simple one like in the pics. Also for you guys who have done this type of work what is the best way to go about cutting it and applying? 1 cut and then trim for doors? DO muti. cut? OOOOOOOO its the same kind of car as in the pic. Thanks.
  9. showaride

    Need G.T.500 Side Stripe ASAP! Help Please!

    here GT500.SBD GT500.SBD
  10. showaride

    Wow was really scared on this one

    looks great I think your going to get alot of work from doing that.
  11. showaride


    make sure in the setup screen before cutting that the port is set to the one the usb is setup for. Or com port and so on.
  12. I looking for golf club, clubs and golf balls or balls.
  13. Harbor Sales sent me 5 yds of it. Look for the free vinyl posts. Every time I search for something I can't find it. Can you post please?
  14. thats great. I think I need some of that vinyl to play with.
  15. showaride

    My car

    Got some work and a trophy! Well I think I going to do that for out metro cruise in August here in Michigan. I doubt I will do as much as you or colors but what the heck maybe I will get a trophy or aleast more customers.
  16. showaride

    One for myself

    That is great looking!!!!!!!! Doors look kinda plain now. check my site out would love to have your car on it and some of your club members.
  17. showaride

    bored making decals to pass the time

    is there a place that has a graff type font?
  18. showaride

    golf clubs or clubs and golf balls

    cool thanks, but keep them coming I would like more and I'm sure someone else will need them.
  19. showaride

    my first race car!

    Here is my brother in laws and freinds race car. Race at Berlin, Michingan 4cyl class, rookies. Just need to re-do my websites on the back door to truck in a different color to make it pop out more.
  20. showaride

    Jeep TJ logo

  21. showaride

    golf clubs or clubs and golf balls

    in eps is the best. thanks
  22. showaride

    Jeep TJ logo

    try search for it with key words and if that does work try just jeep
  23. showaride


    love the car!!! How did you make it, and where could I find show cars like that?
  24. showaride

    bored making decals to pass the time

    looking good
  25. showaride

    newbies got a big job

    those look great