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    I was looking at Flexistarter10. I've never used inkscape. Do you create your design and then import it into flexi? Just wanted to get a grasp on the basics so I know what I am getting into. Its a good chunk of change, but will definitely buy from Ebay.
  2. kimbalee

    Save a Job

    Just curious since my software freezes during a job. Is there any way to salvage a cut or know where to put the cutter back to cut back over a job. I hope this makes sense. Didn't know if it was possible. Thanks
  3. kimbalee

    cuts graphic but not text?

    It also may help if you select both the graphic and text and then scroll the toolbar in the right upper part of your screen and click on the icon that says combine. Then check you cut screen and both should show up.
  4. kimbalee


    I am getting sick of my Sign Blazer freezing all the time on my computer. I want software that will work with my US Cutter for vinyl decals and wondered what everyone thought about flexi? Is it easier to design than signblazer and how user friendly is it? I just wanted some feedback prior to making any purchases. Also if you recommend another software, please let me know. Thanks
  5. kimbalee

    Can't find a font

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! It worked!!!!!! You all are so awesome. Especially for a newbie like me who needs a little extra coaching lol.
  6. kimbalee

    Can't find a font

    When I downloaded the file and then attempted to change it from an .ai file to a jpeg it came back with just letters. Is this a text file or an image? What I saw on the link was an image and its exactly what I need. I also tried to convert to an .eps file with the same results. When I went to import the eps file into signblazer all that came up was a bunch of numbers and letters.
  7. kimbalee

    Can't find a font

    Yeah I saw it is custom made by GM. I downloaded from that link you sent FBRsportmod68 and it is an .ai file. I have no idea what that is, lol.
  8. kimbalee

    Can't find a font

    Hello everyone!!! Looking for a particular font. I am looking for the font for the 1985 chevy monte carlo ss. The decal goes on the side of the car. I was able to find a pic but when I went to vectorize its a complete mess. I was hoping to find the font instead to make things a little less time consuming. Thanks!!
  9. kimbalee

    Freezed in the middle of a job

    I had to run a ground wire from a screw in the stand of the cutter to the base of the cutter. You can use copper or speaker wire. I have not had a problem since unless my computer decides to act up and the program will then say in task manager not responding.
  10. kimbalee


    Trying to make a rectangle with rounded edges. Any ideas on how to do that? Plus I am having to use the trial version of signblazers because I had to reload it and even when I put in my registration number it will not let me use the full version. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  11. kimbalee

    Freezed in the middle of a job

    I was cutting out some vinyl and it just stopped about three quarters of the way through. Right now it is just saying sending output to the cutter but it is not doing anything. When I check the task manager, it says that the program is running. I am just curious if there are any other tricks to save this cut or am I going to have to start all over again.
  12. kimbalee

    Signblazer question

    yes thanks. When I go to add text after doing that and go to cutter to view. My image is there but my text is gone.
  13. kimbalee

    2011 stickers

  14. kimbalee

    Can get text to show up?

    Ok forgive me for being a newbie. I have no idea how to ungroup the image. Thanks
  15. kimbalee

    Can get text to show up?

    I am not sure if I have posted in the right section so please bear with me. I am trying to cut an image and I have already vectorise it. The image had some letters already included with it and I am attempting to change them but it is included with the image and will not let me select just the text. I have attempted to add text onto the image just to see what would happen and when I go to view it in the cutter, my text is not there just the text that came with the image. Is there any way to overwrite the text or some other method so that I can put the text in that I want. I don't know if this made any sense, but any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. I have attached the image. I want to change the bottom and add the phone number and change the font used on the top. Thanks!! sign.bmp