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  1. Chamm

    Looking for pump shotgun outline

    Nice, but I guess I should have said a tactical one, lol. Going on a zombie response logo. Got one in tactical version?
  2. Looking for a outline or blacked out pump shotgun design like an 870 or something close. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I am looking for a gnome. one I can cut out in a single color. Thanks.
  4. That works PERFECT! I have been looking on google for too long and found nothing close to a drawing like that. About all I kept finding was pictures of actual ones. Thanks a bunch!
  5. I need help finding either an image that I can use right off, or trace in scalp. Preferably not too detailed like a photo. I am looking for an apple grinder/press. like attached image. All the ones I can find are too detailed to trace well in scalp. Picture is just to give you an idea of what they look like. Does not need to be exact.
  6. Chamm

    Identify this font

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say.
  7. Chamm

    Identify this font

    Thanks. I did find one that is close. NPS1935. But the only thing wrong is that the O is symmetrical not thinner on the right side as in the picture. But it will work for what I'm doing. Thanks for the help. I get eyestrain looking for a font sometimes.
  8. Chamm

    Identify this font

    Anyone know this font? I know I have seen it before but I can't find it now.
  9. Chamm

    Banner blank help needed

    I'm going to stick with 13 oz if at all possible. It will be put up and down multiple times and i'm not sure about taped hems so I think i'd like to stick with sewn hems. Thanks for trying guys.
  10. Ok, so I am in need of 1 banner blank 3' x 8'. It seems all I the better I can find online is about $26 shipped for one blank. Anyone know of a better place, or would one of you guys that make your own mind selling me a 3x8 foot banner blank? I'm not at the stage to buy a roll and make my own. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Chuck.
  11. Chamm

    Why cant i inport eps image ?

    Cant get sign blazer to save in .eps format. It wont let me select that. I am at a loss.....
  12. Chamm

    Printable material for iron on t-shirt

    Cool. Either way I bought the HP for printing on vinyl so it's ok if it isnt pigment. I will have to check on that. I need to go pick it up soon also. It is nice to know about the cis systems for desk top printers. Thanks Jay!
  13. Chamm

    Printable material for iron on t-shirt

    Ok. I have seen the picture of the shirt with the church on it that you did while browsing here. I have a question on the difference between solvent and pigment printers. Is a pigment printer one that has liquid color cartridges or powder like a laser printer? I picked up an older HP 5000c from a friend. I thought $300 was a good deal for a 54 inch printer. Just want to see what I can do with it. Later after googling this some....... ok, so it may be overkil to do a tshirt with the hp5000, lol. But I see the cis kit is pretty awesome for a desktop printer like that. I remember years ago printing an iron on, on some paper with my home pc and printer and put it on a shirt. Can't really remember the results though.
  14. Looking for a material that would be able to be printed on, then put through cutter to contour cut the design out, and applied to t-shirt. Is there such a material? Does it come on rolls, sheets? Want to be able to do a multi color design or photo realistic as possible. Thanks