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  1. the quick calibration worked, thanks mz skeeter!
  2. blade offset is currently set to 0 but none of the calibration choices looks any different, all sloppy like the photos shown.
  3. just went to check blade offset and that is exactly what it looks like is incorrect, performing the calibration now. carriage wheels track?? my understanding is the wheels can go anywhere except where the "brackets' are located? is this not correct? not a new cutter ut this is the first time I have used it for text. the text is vector. ill let you know how the calibrations goes.
  4. top is the digital cut file in vinylmaster and bottom is the cut, I have upped the baud rate and it is doing nothing to change it. please help
  5. My SC 52" plotter is doing what seems like sloppy cuts and not finishing, leaving open cuts. no right angles they are all rounded.
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    how did you get those fades in the ring?