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  1. crazywear

    Corel x5 & plotter

    Is there some agreement in the sign world that Corel cant make there software use plotters.I have owned Corel x11 x13 and now x15 hopeing they would make it where you can use a plotter.
  2. crazywear

    refine mh 721 direct cut to Corel 11

    will it work for x5 also?
  3. crazywear

    Multiple layers with Signblazer

    I don't think my version of signblazer has registration marks.When I looked in the draw folder nothing saids registration marks.please help.
  4. crazywear

    gucci, and Louis vuitton

    Whats the catch are these logos for free?
  5. Do you know were you can get clothing logos like gucci, and Louis vuitton ?I want to airbrush my bike.
  6. crazywear

    2 question internet pictures and cut through

    I use Corel x3 when tracing the part it looks nothing like the changes the curves to straight edeges
  7. Is there any way to take a picture from the internet and be able 2 vinyl cut it ? 2 question i have some .007 paper and want to make a stencil. to do that i will have to cut all the way through the paper do i need a backing?
  8. crazywear

    taxi cab van

    Did you weed out each little square.Or is there away to pull the other squares out in one strip?