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  1. mustangconv85

    Need Help making vector cutable

    Finally got it. Here it is if anyone wants/needs it. Utah_Utes.eps
  2. mustangconv85

    Need Help making vector cutable

    sorry forgot the vector was all one color. here is what its suposed to look like
  3. mustangconv85

    Need Help making vector cutable

    Hi I need help making this cutable so it can be layered and done in 3 colors. this file has been driving me nuts. thanks for any help. Utah_Utes.eps
  4. mustangconv85

    Need help

    I've tried this one a few times and just can't seem to get it. Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone could give me a quote to have it printed they are wanting them 4in x 4in and they are needing 16 of them. Thanks
  5. mustangconv85

    need help finding font

    thanks worked perfect
  6. mustangconv85

    need help finding font

    Hi i'm looking for the font used for bring color in this pic. its for my cousin thanks
  7. mustangconv85

    reverse Clock face

    here reverse clock.eps reverse clock 2.eps reverse clock.eps reverse clock 2.eps
  8. mustangconv85

    So MaderDesign what is going on with your Copam?

    I just ordered business cards from mader yesterday
  9. mustangconv85

    Shutterstock account

    anyone else need a image from there. if we could bet 5 people that each want one image from there we could all pitch in.
  10. mustangconv85

    Shutterstock account

    Haven't been able to find it on istockphoto I've searched several sites here is the one i'm looking for
  11. mustangconv85

    Shutterstock account

    no one? I only need one image
  12. mustangconv85

    Shutterstock account

    Anyone here have a shutterstock account? If so please send me a message thanks.
  13. mustangconv85

    Laptop Idea

    Thanks for the offers but harmfulgraphics already printed it for me and has already shipped it.
  14. mustangconv85

    I need a lab with a duck in its mouth

    try this one I just threw it together real quick Lab with duck.eps Lab with duck.eps
  15. mustangconv85

    Laptop Idea

    Ya that's pretty close pretty much same town. Got someone that said they would do it for me already.