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  1. I was hoping it wasnt the MB, I have a big cargo trailer job coming up so I will see if it gives me trouble again.
  2. YES! Late reply for sure... but that is exactly what happen! It was frustrating, but what I did was used a different laptop and I was able to finish my cut. Of course not before ruining almost 16ft of oracal gold! Im not sure what the problem was, or if it was even fixed by using another laptop because i havent cut a large run of over 5ft at one time since then. I know many suggest keyspan adapter but my cutter doesnt have a serial port on it so I dont think I can use that adapter.
  3. rtrevino821

    Remove screws on a trailer

    Arty I plan on doing the same thing except I figured I could use scrap vinyl to cover the screw heads...
  4. Skeeter it does everything normal except sometimes it will be cutting a letter out then skip to the next letter without finishing the letter it was on. also on its path to the next letter it drags the blade down cutting through other letters then it when it gets to where ever its going it will continue cutting normally. Other times it will do the same thing, cutting a letter fine then suddenly returns home without completing the job, also while dragging its blade down across the vinyl. I have ruined close to 16' of gold! Any guess?
  5. rtrevino821

    Remove screws on a trailer

    Yea I tried both prelayered then thought the same thing that I should go one layer at a time. It came out a little better but still notice the wrinkles up close. And yea I am using calendar vinyl which doesn't help any but I was able to remove the screws this time so lucky me. Thanks everyonefor the help I will let you know how it comes out! Now if I could get my put to cut right but that's another thread, lol.
  6. Ok i ruled out static because its grounded to the stand and also has anti-static sheets both on the cutter and inside the roll of vinyl. The only other culprits are either the fact that im using a laptop or the usb printer cable im using.Its just so weird when i cut smaller decals its usually fine but i just cut a 86"x26" and an 84"x24" and both had a hiccup in the middle of the cut both just before they finished slashing a line through the design. I hope switching to a desktop and swapping cables will fix it, if not i give up.
  7. Could it be the motherboard? Im gonna try connecting to a desktop rather than a laptop. Then ill try a different cable. Process of elimination.
  8. rtrevino821

    Cornhole boards

    Wow those are nice. Very detailed logos!
  9. rtrevino821

    Remove screws on a trailer

    Hey guys I took the plunge and took a screw out to see if the surrounding paint would be affected. And nothing happened to the paint! Great news. The job began to fly after that. The job is time sensitive so trying to finesse the vinyl over every rivet isn't an option anymore. Handyman I read some use a tennis ball but I couldn't get the technique because it wrinkled as well. Mopar I plan on putting the screws back in so that divit shouldn't be noticeable. Attached are some pics of what I got trying everything short of the $50 rolle pro wheel..
  10. rtrevino821

    Remove screws on a trailer

    Yea I tried heating it with a torch giving it light heat and then tried again with more heat and both resulted with wrinkles. I tried several times with scraps to no avail. I think these screws are too big to go over they are fairly large. I'll post some pics in a bit.
  11. rtrevino821

    Remove screws on a trailer

    Hello everyone, I have a trailer that I need to letter in layered vinyl (gold & black) and I did a test to see if I could go over the screws and its not happening. I keep getting a tunnel on either the top or bottom of the screw from excess material. My thoughts are to remove them, only thing is the trailer has been recently repainted and they just spray over the rivets. Can I just use an exacto to cut the paint behind the screw to prevent cracking when removing? Also I know there are going to be some that won't come out due to stripping, any tips or tricks to get those out? Thanks for bearing through.
  12. No i purchased it a long time ago from ebay i believe. No port other than the one that is in the link.
  13. Ill give it a try. Now to find something metal to ground it to. Any idea about the serial port? I dont think pcut 1200 comes with that port, it just has a square port similar to a printer... like this https://encrypted-tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQ-WyNaKOSJSBPEirAGhoR1SEg-1JQrP62nCUCs6rBH8D3p_J33w
  14. Hello everyone, i dont know whats going on. my pcut ct1200 is slicing through my cuts and returns to home position. Seems to be locking up because it says "waiting" on screen when this happens. I read through some posts claiming this is a result of static, and some say its a serial to usb problem. First how would i ground the machine to prevent static? Second, what if i dont have a serial port on my cutter? Please help, i have a big project and Im willing to try anything! using signcut btw.
  15. rtrevino821

    A few more jobs

    Man great work! The first two signs are amazing, great choice of fonts and styling!