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  1. Robert H. Bigart

    Need Free software that cuts on SC Sreies

    I do all my cutting from Plans. Bob
  2. Robert H. Bigart

    Ubuntu users needed for Tux Plot testing

    Does work with other Linux Versions? Bob
  3. Robert H. Bigart

    Need help finding this graphic! Please Help!

    Does this help? Bob
  4. Robert H. Bigart

    So How Old Are You Really?

    I am 83.5 years young, kinda looks likes I am the "OLD MAN" here I wood love to hear if there are any older here. Bob
  5. Robert H. Bigart

    Please help me convert a EPS to a JPEG or PDF

    Tom If you load "Irfanview" ,You can convert .EPS files to just about anything, it is a FREE program. Bob
  6. Robert H. Bigart

    Roadkill Kitty

    Maybe this. Bob
  7. Robert H. Bigart

    Roadkill Kitty

    How is this? Bob
  8. Robert H. Bigart

    I'm done with SCAL Need advice on new program.

    I still use "Plans" for my free cutting program. Bob
  9. Robert H. Bigart

    New guy from Chicago

    I am CHEAP I suggest "Irfanview" and 'Inkscape" there both free and you can learn with them and it won't cost you 1 red cent. Bob
  10. Robert H. Bigart

    Greetings from San Diego

    Welcome from sunny southern California. Bob
  11. Robert H. Bigart

    At 61 years old I am a newbie in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Welcome from sunny California. Bob
  12. Robert H. Bigart

    cant figure this out

    Hit your print screen key then load "Irfanview" hit the Ctrl + v key then draw a rectangle around the image then hit the Ctrl + y key then go into Image at the top of screen and hit negative then all channels Bob
  13. Robert H. Bigart

    Dragons breathing fire decals..

    How is this? Bob
  14. Robert H. Bigart

    simple smileys or Angel smiley face

    Angel.epsHow is this. Bob
  15. Robert H. Bigart

    needing a little push on this vector

    I didn't mean it to bash you I meant to load "IrfanView" with its many features that you could get an education. Bob