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  1. Hello bk2design

    I was looking for a PMS chart for the oracal 631 vinyl. I saw your post here on the US cutter forum and was able to open the file for illustrator but there wasn't anything in the file and at the top it said the file name then "converted" after it. can you help me farther?

  2. bk2design

    Hello...anyone out there???

    Hey! Who's still around??? It's been awhile and lost all my links to the other groups...who's still around?
  3. bk2design

    never really introduced myself

    Good to be back! Hope everyone is doing well!!!
  4. bk2design

    never really introduced myself

    Welcome! I've been a way for awhile
  5. bk2design

    So what all have I missed?

    I miss my lil' puerto rican buddy!!!
  6. bk2design

    So what all have I missed?

    Girl you know I missed ya!!! I missed all of my family on here!!!
  7. bk2design

    So what all have I missed?

    Things are getting better! I will definately get in touch with ya about some printing once my creative juices get back their normal state. So who's still all around? Where's my lil' buddy Joe??
  8. bk2design

    So what all have I missed?

    Hey everybody! Sorry I dissapeared for so long. Had some big changes in my life.
  9. bk2design

    R/C Jet I did

  10. bk2design

    Wrapping help

    Check youtube.com, I think I recall a video of some guy wrapping side view mirrors on a car. He was using a heat gun.
  11. bk2design

    Cohesion is a mommy

  12. bk2design

    Spammer on board

    Nuke 'em ;D
  13. bk2design

    Just wanted to say hi.......

    hi, all, how are you?? for auto parts please go somewhere else other than the poster above this post
  14. bk2design

    EPSON 1400 for $179

    That sucks!
  15. bk2design

    question for the over 50 crowd.

    Do some bartering, he may go for that.