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  1. I ordered the basic 15" X 15" Clamshell heat press this week and can't figure out how to set the timer. It won't come on until I shut the press all the way, and that is when it should start counting, not just come on?? It is the red one that I have attached a picture of.
  2. denise025

    Need this font identified, please and thank you

    sorry, the picture didn't attach the first time.
  3. I need the fonts identified in the following wall art design. The fancier one is the most important, as I can just use a simple font for the other. Thanks@!!!
  4. denise025

    Need help to ID a font

    I need help identifying both fonts, the M, and the name Maddie Marie. Thanks everyone!!
  5. denise025

    Can anyone identify these 2 fonts?

    I need the fonts for WILDCAT and Warriors. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. I just read that SCAL3 is compatible with US CUTTER plotters. Does anyone out there know if it will work with my MH-Series plotter/cutter? I really want it, as I am VERY familiar with it from using it with my Expression. Thanks for any info you might have!!!
  7. I am having trouble with the pinch rollers putting marks along the vinyl where they run. I have adjusted them every way I can, and if I get them too loose, they vinyl doesn't stay where it needs to. Could the pressure setting have anything to do with it? I am cutting Oracal 631 and 651 and it does it on both.
  8. denise025

    Need help with finding these 2 fonts

    I need to identify these 2 different fonts