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  1. jtgraphicstudios

    Pan Head Motor from a Harley

    Thanks very much for the share!!!!
  2. jtgraphicstudios

    6 shooter gun ??? I need a old cowboy gun for a banner...

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the Six Shooter Files.. Here is what it came out to be !!
  3. jtgraphicstudios

    Some layout's for Pro Gun Signs...

    Since my tools were JUST stolen night before last..... I took these & will become the most secured house on the block now Thanks ... too bad I NEEDED these ... but OK...
  4. jtgraphicstudios


    \ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA <----- Ex Regular Army !!!!
  5. jtgraphicstudios

    Quick banner for a raffle...

    Not really,, weeding was very easy & application worked fine.. I applied it in 1/2 at a time.. Taped the middle... THANKS everyone for the kind words...
  6. jtgraphicstudios


    Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
  7. jtgraphicstudios

    Quick banner for a raffle...

    Pic didnt attach.. Must've been too big
  8. jtgraphicstudios

    Quick banner for a raffle...

    Just threw this together this morning... took longer for the customer to explain it to me then it did to do it
  9. jtgraphicstudios

    my first banner :)

    I like it.. Looks good !!!
  10. jtgraphicstudios

    6 shooter gun ??? I need a old cowboy gun for a banner...

    Thanks I'll give those a shot !! I appreciate it. J.T
  11. I searched .. maybe not correctly or the right phrase but anyone have one?? Thanks in advance J.T
  12. jtgraphicstudios

    free art collection!!!......

    I signed up too ..... Hoping this pans out ?!?!?!
  13. jtgraphicstudios

    is this vinyl plotter right for me??

    In SignBlazer if I have a small piece & dont want to waste vinyl them I cut a few of them.. just to make it across my vinyl. I have a Redsail 721? Its a 24 inch cutter .. so I cut 3 or 4 pieces and keep them for a "Rainy" day so to speak.. Thats what "I" do...
  14. jtgraphicstudios

    02 Suburban lettering... Was fun...?? :)

    MR.Karma & SA Graphix .. Thank you BOTH for the very appreciated & taken constructive criticism !! I LOVE it!! I did take most of what you had pointed out into consideration when talking with the client and I did let him know of spacing and placement.. But this is what "HE" wanted & Where he wanted it. I tried But I had to give him what he wanted.. otherwise I have a "Scab" Cutter here locally that would have (And DID) slide in under me and get some work.. But my client also did learn... his Lit shop sign looks like crap!! & Now Im doing ALL Window work here real soon!! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! I Love learning!!! J.T