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  1. Hello, good evening friend!

    I am looking to buy a motherboard from Graphtec.

    I am in Brazil and need to import.

    I contacted the Graphtec website but they refuse to send to Brazil, they want me to buy Brazilian suppliers to absurd prices.

    you could help me?

    Let me know where I could buy this motherboard or even you can buy and send me.

    Can I pay with...

  2. We changed the mother board and it still did the same thing .... I ended up purchasing a new plotter and am going to send the old one to graphtec to repair and it will become my back-up ...
  3. mikeguam

    CE5000-60 load media prompt

    Thanks, I'll open it up and take a look at it to see if I can handle it.
  4. mikeguam

    CE5000-60 load media prompt

    have you tried going back to factory default by turning the cutter on, at the same time as holding down the UP arrow? Yep .... I actually did try that and tried it again after you mentioned it .... still can't get past load media prompt ... Thanks though ....
  5. That seems possible to me. We checked the sensors; the one located on the back and the front and inside where the lever makes contact .... cleaned them and still got the same results ... I'm wondering if there is a sensor on the actual pen carriage ..... Prior to this occuring, I was getting bad cuts due to a deep scratch on the teflon cutting mat.... before I finally noticed the scratch I kept removing the pen holder to make adjustments to the blade depth or extension ... so, I'm wondering if I may have disturbed a sensor on the pen carriage in the process of removing and replacing the pen holder so many times....
  6. When the machine is turned on the "load Media" prompt comes up on the control panel. When the operator pulls the lever up (which closes the pinch rollers in place securing the media) the next message should be "Roll 1 Press Enter" ..... with my plotter the "load media" message stays visible and will not allow me to move forward ..... After the machine sits a while with the power on and the pinch rollers closed, the message "Roll 1 Press Enter" comes on but when "Enter" is pressed nothing happens. I had spoken to Graphtec and they told me that it was a bad "Main Board" (or mother board). Well, I purchased a new board and the same thing happens. I cannot send my plotter to Graphtec to fix because I live on the United States Territory of Guam and it would cost a fortune to ship the plotter to them via air freight. The local computer tech that installed the new main board for me mentioned that he had another customer with a load media problem like this and they changed the main board with no results. They ended up changing the "carriage" assembly and that seemed to resolve the problem. My question is twofold: one, has anyone else experienced this problem? two, Are there sensors located on the carriage assembly and if so, where are the sensors located on the carriage assembly?
  7. Did you replace your main board yet? I did replace mine but still the same problem: I can't get past the load media prompt.
  8. Hey Double Allen, You'll probably have your MB installed before mine arrives ..... can you let me know how it works out? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. you should go directly to Graphtec, I am paying $303.40. part # is 792130700 MAIN BD CE5000-60
  10. My cutter became inoperable, specifically, it could not move past the message to load media even after the pinch rollers were engaged. After consulting with Graphtec by email and phone, they determined that the motherboard needs replacing. Graphtec recommended that I ship the cutter to them and let them do it. I am located on Guam, so it would end up costing me well over a thousand bucks (mostly shipping costs). I decided to order the motherboard and have a computer servicing company here install the motherboard. The technician at Graphtec was insistent that there are a couple of steps of calibration that only a certified graphtec technician would know how to do. Does anyone out there have an understanding of the "calibration" steps required upon replacement of the mother board? Any suggestions would be appreciated.