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  1. racer811

    Little Kings beer logo.

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could vectorize this logo for me please. I will pay someone if need be. I could not find a good pic online of there logo. I could not even find a good one on there web site. So I just scanned the pic from a 12 pack. Hope this is good enough. Thanks.
  2. racer811

    Fighter plane graphic

    My version of Flexi got a virus in it some how and it will not open now. Thanks !!BAM!!, I will try them.
  3. racer811

    Fighter plane graphic

    I know it may seem dumb, but I can not seem to figure it out. I usually use flexi sign and I can just copy and trace with flexi. Every time I import the 2nd image into sign blazer it turns out real distorted. It imports real bad for some reason. I have only used sign blazer a couple of times and I am not familiar with it at all. I have a friend who is going to help me fix my flexi program, so until then, I need help. Sorry if this seems like a dumb request to some of you. Its no biggie if I can not get these logos. Thanks anyway.
  4. racer811

    Fighter plane graphic

    Could I get this one made also please. Thanks.
  5. racer811

    Fighter plane graphic

    Hi, can someone make the stars and bar logo on the top of this truck body cutter ready please. I looked on google and some other places and could not find this logo. Thanks.
  6. racer811

    Need help with this logo Please

    Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.
  7. racer811

    Need help with this logo Please

    Can someone please vectorize this for me please? I would like this image with out the words though. I would just like the green and yellow designs vectorized and leave out the paradigm words if you could please. Thanks.
  8. I had this same problem also. I would send info to the cutter and my computer would act like the cutter was getting the file, but the cutter would do nothing. I found that the Copam 2500 driver works with my ECO cutter. I was now able to send info to the cutter and the cutter would move, but would not cut what I told it to. I called tech support today and they got me hooked up super fast. The guy that I spoke with (Benjamin), said that they had new drivers for the ECO cutters that would work with Flexisign. As soon as he put those new drivers on my computer, my cutter was working fine.
  9. US Cutter support hooked me right up. If any body needs any help with this cutter, dont hesitate to call. All is good now.
  10. Thanks for the try. I guess I am going to have to wait till Monday to call for support. Thanks though.
  11. The cutter will not work with the roland drivers for me. I tried every roland driver on flexisign. I am using the copam drivers. CP 2500 and CP 3000 work for me. The other drivers and the roland ones, will not even send any info to the cutter.
  12. Just another bit of info. The cutter works fine with Signblazer. I also cut with the same usb port on flexisign as I do with Signblazer.
  13. I just bought a ECO cutter also. I am using flexisign Pro 8.6 V2. I got most of my info from this thread for getting the machine to work with flexi. I can not get the cutter synced up with the computer and I am on the right comm port. When I hit the send button to send my design to the cutter, the cutter starts to cut, but does not cut what I want. It just stays in the same spot and just keeps cutting in the same spot. I have no idea what is wrong. I will tell it to cut "hh" just as a sample cut and it kinda stays in the same spot and just goes back and forth on the vinyl. I know I am probably not explaining my self very good. Here is a pic of what it does to my vinyl when I tell it to cut the letters "hh". Sorry the pic is not better, was kinda hard to show detail. Any help would be great. Let me know if you need any more info from me.