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    need led strip

    where can i buy good qwelety led strip or modoul? haw is the stuff from ebay?
  2. vectorman

    opps help findig this one

  3. vectorman

    opps help findig this one

    better img
  4. vectorman

    help finding this one

  5. tody it wored non stop it cut around 50 sqm wored perfect , 2 years old +-
  6. i format my pc win 7 32 in english removed fierwall baios ECP port settings com =match port settings LPT1=match (the same cable from us cutter brand new) SBE setings match the cutter test=perfect working offiline mode=off cutter setup in the cutter=9600 cutter wont moove whathehell im doing worng???
  8. another week has lly by whith law incom
  9. cutter wont speak white the computer im running MH1315 on windows 7 , SBE it happend suddenly. it worked best white com cabel , but no more i tried parallel but no answer 1. ECP in the bios is checked other machins in the com or lpt (never were) 3. 9600, 8, none,1, hardwere in the com allways everywere 4. test cut perfect+dimond 5. setup in the plotter 9600 6. it looks like the softwere is sending data but the 1351 just wont moove 7.uninstall SBE several times , always reboot 8. use the originall parallel. replaceid the old com cabel white a new one 9. opend the rigthe side of the cutter where all the cabels came in, insde the is a small red lamp that turnd on when i put the pawer up 10. the same problem white another program (casmet) that im using for a year in windows 7 did i covered everything? do i sound tyierd? thenks 4 all the hlepers...
  10. curiosity my friend is the key to Intelligence ... anyway i was thinking to format my pc
  11. lol banner lol the importent thing r written in red anyway i bet u (from all others) can figer it out..
  12. i thik they match.. i the lpt what is the correct one?
  13. vectorman

    tiny bubels what to do?

    can it be sand or dust the shource to tiny buble like when i pull the back of the vynil i have a electric force that pull sand and dust from the surranding,and the is no way to get ridof it it cuoses tiny bubles on surfece,pesonaly i dont now haw to solve it ecsept maby to work in a highly clean place (to hard for me) or maybe to buy a air comrresor and clean the surfece any other idea's?
  14. vectorman

    tiny bubels what to do?

    i have the sand bubbeles as well dont know wat to do in wet applay i open it again and spray a lot of liqwid it improve the resolt
  15. vectorman

    kids room graphic

    is that a TV under?
  16. slowly tranqilo amigo dont bay nothing sell selll u go to a restourand ask why do the dont have a sign , u go to a grocery store do the same every body need sign's small big whatever do i sound etalian? any way my history: 24" rolabd 50" MH1351 KNOWN AS "themotherfucker" my last peches: MIMAKI JV 3 SP 2 ! (i get plesent chilled when im writin this one)
  17. vectorman

    Shutterstock or?

  18. much higher my friend even dowon here in the middel east the price 4 one wil be aroud 7-10 usd the weeding think about it
  19. vectorman

    applying vinyl on the inside of window?

    hi somtims i see some very very small dots of sand when im applaing wet , u can see it even from the insid & outside im talking about smal very small dots ' not bubbels but sand. its very hard to get rid of them any idias? anyway if u use water soap on dark yianil u will get white stains i the inside so if u can dont use soap or put just a bit
  20. vectorman

    Letter Tiles

    is it vynil? looks like lizer burn
  21. vectorman

    elevator rapping

    the elevator is located in downtawon tel aviv in the city of the city i decided to put some natoural ambienta the floor is artificial grass the nexst 2 jobs is 4 nail girl& bike shop