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    Help with CE-Lite 50

    @MZ SKEETER thank you I'll try that
  2. Mike658

    Help with CE-Lite 50

    Two other thoughts? 1) Do you guys knwo of any good tutorials for this machine? I've watched the graphtec and still have no success. 2) Any one interest in "tutoring" me on the CE-LITE 50? I could paypal you for your time.
  3. Mike658

    Help with CE-Lite 50

    @MZ SKEETER Thank you. I am following those exact steps. it still wont recognize, the start mark. Any other ideas? Would a video help?
  4. Mike658

    Help with CE-Lite 50

    @Dakotagrafx yes. Printed with reg marks and barcode for contour cut and it doesn’t scan bat code and gives me that error message.
  5. Mike658

    Help with CE-Lite 50

    Cut Master 4 integrated into Illustrator
  6. I have a new CE-Lite 50. I'm trying to do a barcode cut, but am consistently overmatched by this machine. File is on USB, barcode is printed and loaded into machine. And i consistently get E05013 error back to me. Info on this error is hard to come by. and a search yielded nothing. I was hoping this forum could help me. Thank you so much.