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  1. Yh whites seem like it's better cus its more ingrained in the shirt compared to sitting on top like dark however I just enjoy the look of black hoodies and tshirts. How good would you say jet opaque II is I heard that's suppose to be better with polyblends
  2. Ok thanks and Yeah I am going to be investing in a heat press. So would you say neenah make the best quality heat transfer paper?
  3. Sorry for the long reply I was using a home iron if that has anything to do with it and parchment paper to cover the heat transfer. The hoodie I put the design on is 80 cotton and 20 polyester if that helps. The design was fine before I heat pressed it but as soon as I peeled the parchment paper the black dots were there. Hope this is enough info to help.
  4. Hi, I'm quite new to the whole making shirts and garments business and I've been using koala dark heat transfer paper and the first time I use it I get loads of little black dots on my design I'll leave a picture below. Can someone let me know why this has happened please. Thanks