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  1. It work , but sometimes the blade don't move up when cutting process so it cut from start to finish without move the holder up between words or shapes
  2. The problem is there is no dealer in my area , and i don't know what exactly need to replace on it , to buy it online and replace it , I don't know exactly the problem come from which part
  3. It move by hand so easy even if the plotter ON or OFF ,
  4. Sometimes no , i tried to press on down and up button and sometimes when i press down the blade move down and when i press up do not move up till i move it manually .
  5. Hello, Did Someone faced similar issue ? The blade sometimes don't move up when it should move up , like when trying to cut the words for example ( TEST ) the blade start and finish directly without move up between words . I don't know why and what should i do or replace on this machine Thank you