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  1. tharp


    Nope, That's where my frustration first began.
  2. tharp


    Thanks. I will try these. One of the links has an embed that like I said before, is broken. But I'll sift thru them.
  3. I've been trying all day to get my Windows 10 machine to recognize my MH 871-MK2 cutter. NO LUCK. All links to installing drivers on US Cutter Websites are ALL BROKEN. Even the instructions that came with it says to go to Well guess what? THAT LINK IS BROKEN TOO. I received a mini cd with the cutter. But guess what? NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to install the drivers. Really frustrated right now. Scanning the forum here will take you to MORE BROKEN LINKS. Did find one link here: But that just takes you to what says "windows 8" drivers. The link does give you a file that mentions windows 10. But again. NO INSTRUCTIONS. There is a video of some guy pointing a camera at his computer in an attempt to explain how to do it for Windows 8, but again 'OUTDATED and no longer valid. Are the people that run this site and make these cutters living in a 3rd world country? Come on. Check your links, update your site and at least acknowledge that a good portion of the world is now using Windows 10.