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    Hello, I am not sure of my issue goes here or not, so forgive me. I have windows 10, vinylmaster ltr, and uscutter sc2 50" connected by usb. I have been using the system for 2 months now, Regular cuts and contour cuts, but every so often, 4 different job cuts or so, i will get no cut. I print the images with marks, get it to cutter and set it for contoir cutting. Run the mark calibration/ reading with out problem as usual, then when i hit "cut now" the software flashes for 1 second "sending cut file" or something like that, but the cutter moves 1/4" and gets back to origin. The cutter also displays cutting and finished with 1 or 2 seconds and viola. Nothing was cut. I usually just remove the pictures close everything and cut the images manually and create start another job and the new job curs fine. This time T Is a little different. I cannot het any new job to cut. Not even the practice sheet. I can register the cut marks, but it does not actually cut the job afterwards. What makes me crazy is that I can go to done jobs in the spooler and select other jobs thay I know cut before and re-cut them ( i jist go through the hole register marks and send cut file) the cutter moves and pics up the blade loke it's supposed to. Then i go nack to the current job and it registers the marks and finishes within 1 sec. Any ideas if I turned on a setting by mistake that makes the system act like this? I appreciate your help, Knight rider