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  1. Raw Customs

    VinylMaster Cut V4.0

    I really appreciate all the time you took to look and download and play around with them. I guess best bet is to just buy them Again, thanks so much for your help Bernie
  2. Raw Customs

    VinylMaster Cut V4.0

    when i downloaded the fonts from dafonts.com they only come with the one file Bernie
  3. How do I use these fonts correctly with my VinylMaster Program. I read somewhere about "discretionary ligatures" but not sure how to turn that on or off or if my VinylMaster Cut V4.0 will even allow it Thanks in advance for any help Bernie
  4. Raw Customs

    How to choose color

    Thank you, I was afraid of that. I was trying to order by the foot or yard in 24" Bernie
  5. Raw Customs

    How to choose color

    So i'm trying to purchase Turquoise (054) Oracal vinyl 751 It is not one of the colors that you can click on to order. Its making me think its available because its showing the color chart to the left in the images. How do i get a color that isnt clickable? Thanks for your help Bernie
  6. Thank you all for your replies, very helpful. I am going to read some more post as suggested, so o can see what others have done. I am using the Titan 1 and oracal 651 vinyl. This is a good combo for a professional out come? Thanks again Bernie
  7. Hey everyone Im sure there is a post on here somewhere on how to price a job. I have client that wants his company logo on his car. Its 3 colors so he has 3 files for me to use. When pricing do you go by inches? Letters?? How should i do it. The logo isnt a difficult one but its going to be big Thanks for your time Bernie