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    HTV Help with Time/Temp and Effect

    Thank you both. I appreciate the info. I took a non-washed shirt from inventory, heated the clamshell up to 340 which put the lowest temperature area of the platen at 320ish, added a little pressure more to the "Firm" setting, pre-warmed, pressed, and waited for 1 beer and a tv show before peeling. It says to let stand for 24hr before washing. So this evening I'll wash it and post the results. Thanks again.
  2. Anna Prints

    HTV Help with Time/Temp and Effect

    Thank you. Yes, I am preheating all the shirts for 3-5 seconds. I have the recommended blade, and I THINK I'm using the correct pressure. How "COLD" is cold peel? I'm waiting about 30seconds because I'm pressing one, setting it down, then aligning the next shirt. While it is pressing, I'm peeling the previous one. I ordered these shirts that say "Prewashed" but I washed with a little bit of detergent no fabric softener and dried them to decrease the amount of shrinkage because i thought that would have a negative effect on the design. I checked the temp in the middle of the platen, but not all over. I'll do that now, my clamshell is heating up.
  3. I've just added vinyl items (decals, tshirts, signage, etc.) to our business line, and have never done this before. I've done as much You-tube and other miscellaneous reading as I could find, but have not run across this particular issue yet. I have equipment from US Cutter and a separate digital thermometer to ensure the accuracy of the press. I'm having issues with the Feather-light vinyl sticking to the tshirt after a wash. I pre-wash and dry all the shirts. When I pressed the first test shirt at 105 for 15 sec, it tried to peel up with the carrier/liner. So I started pressing at 320 for 15-20 seconds. After a wash (inside out cold/warm) and dry normal, the numbers on the back (think sports jersey design on cotton tshirt) are wrinkled throughout and are peeling up on the edge. I would be surprised if they made it through another couple washes. I also didn't thread the shirt when pressing front and back. What am I doing wrong here? If you over heat, over pressure, press too long, etc... what's the outcome? How critical is each phase of the Heat Transfer Process? Is one more critical than the other? All help is appreciated. This line of business took off faster than I anticipated and 1 order of 15 shirts is already out the door. I'm anticipating that they will have a complaint and plan on re-doing the order but do not want to make the same mistake(s). Thanks in advance.