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    HTV weeded ready to be press on but not sticky? in store

    All the ones I have weeded was sticky tho.. do they do something to the out side part of the image to make it not be sticky? or could you just cut around the image and not have any extra
  2. eprcvinyls

    What's the front and the back for Siser Easy Weed?

    Just last week I forgot to mirror it i put a note on my PC monitor to remind me to always MIRROR for shirts. I also cut the wrong side just yesterday.. opps I guess put a sign on my cutter that says glossy side down.
  3. Thanks everyone. My buddy got heck a deal from me, i cut his own vinyl it was two 80 inches long by 23 inches wide and only charged him $20 for it. but he did let me have what was left over. Got to cut the tail gate one still when he gets me the size.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, yeah he said whatever is left over from the lime green and purple he is buying i could keep not sure how much be left he ordered 30 ft rolls anoher reason just not sure what to charge just for cutting it out
  5. I never thought about this but as im making a t shirt for my wifes sister. i say you want it on front or back then she goes oh back then we can put something else on the front? i say yes but not sure about this do i need let the shirt completely cool off before doing the other. or need to do close same time as i do the back then flip right on over and do the front or what Do i need lay the shirt one something besides the press to do this please thank you
  6. Oh alright no it wasn't a auto trace i just did the Bezier tool then i clicked on the nodes and was able to drag for the curves
  7. Yeah, Well he knew i learning and he didn't know if i could do it at all, i told him I would try and i really at first didn't want to do it but we been friends 20 years and both helped each out over those years, The only shop that would do it told him $900 and no one else even would give a quote. he said he would buy a cutter and do it himself if he had to. im probably not charging him enough to be honest I'm sure i'm not. but it does give me more practice of doing stuff like this.
  8. Most of the things i have done have been simple only took less then 30 mins to make on the program, cut ,weed tap. so most ive charged was like $15 that was for a bigger design. but sold to only friends and trying to make deals with them so they continue to use me and tell others about me maybe. I have spent more time with this truck design then anything total about 6 hours so far
  9. It is the one I did with ink scrape and I bet that is why it happened. I did try playing with the color fill thing and didn't get it to ever change much it filled in a little but i wanted it to look ylike your 2nd pic
  10. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    Thanks yall, oh he doesn't want to do the black and white pieces on the bottom, he just made those for heck of it. or when he had a different idea in mind, were just doing the lines. but he downloaded a trail of illustrator and is now seeing how hard it is to get the images just right lol
  11. Okay, I posted in another post about something else and no one replied so making one for just this issue.. This is something a friend wants on his truck but were having issues finding Puzzle piece vinyl long enough needs to be 6 foot x 24 inch wide. anyhow how can i get the 2 designs out of this picture so i can vectorize just the 2 different ones? I need the Zig zag that is purple to do it in purple then i need the puzzle piece one by itself. Im using SCAL and Vinylmaster, i can use inkscrape if someone explains how to do it. Thanks
  12. Oh alright thanks. Im sure I have some in the kitchen but i can always get more. My dad just happened to have the brown from when he did shirts and i had the white purchased with my first HTV
  13. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    Yeah it should had but it was created in Paint.... Ive seen some things my friend made over the years with paint its kinda amazing.. he can draw very well with a mouse. I can't Most here have been very helpful, but when Im looking for answers That is what i like to get, not someone trying to tell me i shouldn't be trying to do something. If you dont try you don't learn.
  14. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    well Inkscape seemed to worked better for me, Finally. It let me make curves where the other one didn't really.
  15. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    hey, if you don't have any tips on doing what i need done just don't even reply. He knew that i didn't really know how cause i told him from the start i needed each image separate and he didn't have them cause he designed it as one huge image in paint and didn't save the work as individual.
  16. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    Still cant get this.. Now he wants the puzzle of the back and i just cant get it just like it is, it has round curves mine end up stright. Is there a free program that does this eisier We need to get this finished like yesterday
  17. eprcvinyls

    Best 15x15 press?

    Okay so are even the cheaper Digital temp presses better then a old analog on? i seem to cant get this old one of my dads to keep the temp where i need it and its small 9x12 so limits what i can do. i want to buy one but again can't afford $300 or more for one like to find one around $150 found loads on ebay but not sure any good. any brands I should stay away from thanks
  18. eprcvinyls

    Best 15x15 press?

    guess i keep using what i am then for now. I'm broke, $800 in Vinyl cutter and material only made $100 so far.
  19. eprcvinyls

    htv material help (comparing to screen print)

    I thought siser easyweed was hot or cold peel? I'm new to this so , i read that somewhere. i also read it goes on 305. that is how i have done mine so far. I do peel it off while still hot. To the OP I am brand new ive made 4 shirts so far. and like the Siser stuff but nothing to compare to. doesn't look cheap to me.
  20. Thanks for the info, I got one of these i have been using on top of my image between the image and top of the press http://www.uscutter.com/PTFE-Non-Stick-Sheet-for-Heat-Transfer-Application and when i did the front of the shirt i used this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XRZC7FT/ref=asc_df_B06XRZC7FT5388490/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=395033&creativeASIN=B06XRZC7FT&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198099762925&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3368216081963953376&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9010824&hvtargid=pla-320418298513 on the bottom of the press between the bottom and the front of the shirt just wanted to be safe. Not sure how tuff this vinyl is, i did wait overnight before i did the other just cause was trying to wait to get a answer about it.
  21. eprcvinyls

    New SC2 introduced

    Of coarse they did since i just got mine. should had waited
  22. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    Oh wow alright i will try that way. Maybe tomorrow im to tired right now to try anything been a long day. had two things to design today one i got finished other going just do by hand.
  23. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    Alright I will try that
  24. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    Tracing isn't my thing ha ha.. i tried to make the puzzle part look like your purple one did but it didn't work
  25. eprcvinyls

    How can i get these designs out of this picture?

    Thanks, i just tried using the poline tool and i understand how it works but man I wish there was a way to move the mouse with arror keys or something, i was attempting to trace a Star kinda shape for a friend and i didn't get the lines right at all cause there curved rather then straight This is another before and after i done using the Vetorizing and picking the colors out. I would never sell these cause they are Copyrighted but there just a lil bit different from the original on purpose so no one can say anything.. But ive used these in the past just printed out on paper. Vinyl is so much prettier.