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  1. ExposeURDesigns

    Pricing for installing

    I already have a vinyl deal with a company to cut the decals and graphics for their service trucks, thy are now asking for a price to install them... is there a theory on this.?? I am attaching pictures I am doing the John Deere and beard logos the yellow and black stripes...
  2. ExposeURDesigns

    Moving on....

    Thanks Ill be getting some this week made gotta set up the domain and get a net email just for the new business
  3. ExposeURDesigns

    Moving on....

    Post a link to get business cards...
  4. ExposeURDesigns

    What's the front and the back for Siser Easy Weed?

    This was the hardest thing for me to remember...lol I still shake my head at myself every time I mess the cut up
  5. ExposeURDesigns

    High temp vinyl

    I do this on a daily basis... Oracal 631 is the best I have ever used... you put the decal on then cook for 3 mins let cool remove decal when the cup is around 115 degrees then put back in oven for full cure... I do this everyday
  6. ExposeURDesigns

    Does this Vinyl Exist?

    This is awesome...lololol
  7. Now this is a story all about how...I got started... I am an entomologist, and studied beetles for sometime..but the pay just was not there, so I moved on to working as a Technology Manager for a Construction and Forestry John Deere dealer. I still messed around with beetles and was asked if I would be interested in doing a European Style deer mount. I did and then it happened... the requests started piling up.. " can you hydrodip the next one for me" so I got the stuff to hydrodip the next skull... then he wanted a YETI cup hydrodipped... so I bought all the stuff to start hydrodipping tumblers and other objects like car parts and such... Then someone who was getting some car parts hydrodipped ask if I could powdercoat something... so i bought the stuff to powdercoat then i offered to the people getting their tumblers done to powdercoat them and started it.. I started with a cricut explore air as my vinyl cutter..started getting asked to do some car decals and wall art.. cutting with the cricut took too long so i purchased a MH871-MK2 and have used it since... looking to Start a second company just for the vinyl side of what my other business does So January 1, 2018 ExposeURDesigns will start keeping its own books in order... I really look forward to learning from this forum, forums is how I learned all the other little trades. I have am a believer in peoples experience is better than most written instructions.. Enjoy the New Year Cheers
  8. ExposeURDesigns

    Printing in order

    I will be diving into this forum for the correct ways to use my cutter...
  9. ExposeURDesigns

    Printing in order

    That was it thanks WOman I really just cut my time in half
  10. ExposeURDesigns

    Printing in order

  11. ExposeURDesigns

    Printing in order

    sorry about the lingo... I have a US Cutter MH871-MK2 and the software is Vinyl Master Pro...no tracking issue just seems like it is doing a lot of skipping blank vinyl then returning to cut it
  12. ExposeURDesigns

    Printing in order

    I am wondering if there is a way to get my printer to cut in order of the vinyl... instead of jumping all around cutting here then there then back to here...the cut would be completed quicker if I can get it to cut in order.. I do have Vinyl Master Pro Thanks