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  1. I did and still do the same thing I reset it to the origin point and still do the same thing. It goes all the way to the left and hits the wall a few times , comes back to the right and hit tje wall as well and then start to cut
  2. I just got a new SC2 us cutter and when I send the picture to the plotter the plotter carriage slide all the way to the left and hits the wall like if it wants to keep sliding and then returns back to the other side and it do the same and then start cutting. I am getting so aggravated by this because I just got this cutter as a upgrade to replace the sc series that it was damage as well and now this.
  3. When i send the cut now the carriage will go to the left and hit the wall and then return to the right hit the wall and the start cutting. Will not cut where the origin is set up