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  1. Ahh! I see. It's really hard using both; it messes up quite often. For example, I'll tell it to plot/draw with the pen then cut it out, it'll end up just cutting where I told it to draw, and vice versa. It's really a mess, still learning day by day. I'll probably shoot a support request to Graphtec now. No, I'm in the U.S.
  2. You're right, thought I'd give it a shot. Is there any option in any Graphtec plotters to manually have it switch to the cutter or pen? The manual on this thing is reallllyyyy unhelpful! My last resort is to call their support which charges $250 p/h and it requires that you purchase at minimum an hours worth.
  3. Hello everyone! So yesterday out of nowhere, my Graphtec CE-6000-120AP cutting plotter started using the knife instead of the pen. In Accumark it's labeled as only using the Pen tool, the machine even states it's using the pen. But it never grabs the pen, it's just left on the holder, and it starts drawing using the knife and just messes up everything! Has anyone had this problem or have any idea on what to do? (Needless to say I've tried restarting it, and yet it still happens, I tried moving the pen manually and it still uses the knife.)