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    Fonts And How To Add??

    I have read the above thread but am still having problems with fonts. I have many many fonts available but just decided to add some new ones that I downloaded off They show up in any word document and can be used. When I try to page design in Graphtec, they do not show up. I did shut down my computer and rebooted it but they still only show up in Word, not Graphtec. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks-Beth
  2. bethfuciu

    Graphtec Question

    Can I ask what you use? It's probably more advanced......
  3. bethfuciu

    Graphtec Question

    thanks--I will look in HELP.
  4. bethfuciu

    Graphtec Question

    Sorry--once again new. I am CUTTING vinyl to be used as a stencil. I am not specifically using any software-just designing it in Graphtec Studio. I didn't want that much paint used (stiffness) and therefore I wanted an outline of Ohio not a big blob shape. It looks good----just way too thin. I thought it might be in the Trace Settings but doesn't seem to be.
  5. I am new to this....can anyone tell me how to "thicken" or "widen" an outline before printing it? I have an outline of the state of Ohio but it is too thin and needs to be wider. Is is done in tracing? The image was just copied and pasted in. Thanks!