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  1. I'm no expert but here's how I readjusted my SC-25 after someone turned all the adjusting knobs on me. Cut 8" long by 3" wide strip of the most common material you want to cut. Lift all the rollers, slip the strip under the roller and lower the roller down as normal (lower the lever), then pull gently on the strip. Make a mental note of the pressure you feel. Repeat on other rollers. Adjust rollers until all feel even pressure. When you gently but firmly pull the strip the knurled roller should turn. Look at the adjusting screws - they should all have approx the same amount of threads sticking out. I know of no factory approved method - this is what I did, and it worked.
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    Sometimes fighting the roll feeding isn't worth it on the cheaper machines - pull out what you need for the job and cut the needed length, then feed that instead of feeding from the roll. (sorry for bumping such an old thread but its a valuable thread)