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  1. Hi, I haven't used my Foison C24 cutter for a few years and have just setup a PC running Windows 7, installed Sign Blazer 6.06 (Came with cutter) and the USB drivers for the cutter. Powered up the cutter and PC, yet i can't seem to get them to talk to one another. Any ideas? 1. The cutter goes through the motions if i hold the test button down (makes all the right noises and moves etc). 2. Sign Blazer starts fine, in the cutter options it finds the driver for Foison C24, it also shows COM4: USB Cutter (or similar on the USB connection and changes if i put it in another port) 3. Hitting "cut tile" brings up the usual screen and time to complete bar as if it has talked to the cutter (If i switch the machine offline before this, then it waits - so i'm thinking it is somehow talking to it to know that it's offline) 4. Cutter sits there like a lemon.... Could Windows 7 be the problem? Have i missed a critical setting somewhere in the Cutter Setup dialog box? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Jim