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  1. Daveischosen

    titan 2 cutting issues

    I will test the blade again, you can see the trace cut on the vinyl backing, but not through the paper backing. Usually I have it just a hair out and then do a "test" cut of 5 different pressure tests with the "test" feature of the cutter. I have one of my staff members check it for easability. Only thing I can think of is maybe I have it too deep. I'll check it again. Like I said, we have cut thousands with this machine, and this is new. (tracking issue isn't new, been bad since I've owned it. )
  2. Daveischosen

    titan 2 cutting issues

    we pull the vinyl out, so it doesn't pull off the roll, it still goes off tracking. (vinyl goes off to the side) and some are 75" cuts, the vinyl is straight (will run it out 7' and it runs true, and then when it cuts the file, it tracks off. I'd love to fix the issue, we just kinda deal with it every cut, running it out, adjusting it. and then cutting the file. But we cut 8-15 cuts a day, more during rushes (might be 30-40 a day) so it gets super time consuming. Also too, we can run it out 5-7 feet and it tracks straight down, but then runs out on the way back (?) up. I know its not a 3-5k machine, I just figured it should track better.
  3. We just started having cutting issues out of the blue, thousands of vinyl cut, and now this. Picture is where it looks like the vinyl is lifting? changed blade out already. *separate issue* Is there a way to adjust tracking? we cut a lot of 4' and 5' stencils, and it seems it never tracks straight. we set tracking straight, yet it runs out after a cut. IMG_6163.HEIC
  4. Daveischosen

    Looking for recomendations for a new cutter

    I was thinking the Graphtec was overkill, since I dont do any real vinyl or lettering or wraps... anything like that. But im sure its like my wood working tools, you get what you pay for.
  5. I currently have a mh871, although it has been a great cutter, the tracking never stays right, and its just loud. I mainly use Oramask 813, about 3-400 feet a month, Not sure I need anything fancy, just want something quiet and quick and trouble free. I've been looking at the Titan 2 SE 28" and several others in the 1800-2000.00 range, just not sure I need something that fancy. I with they made more 34" cutters, I like being able to switch from 24" to 30' oramask. any advice would be great
  6. I'm sure the pro's all have this figured out, all the advice I've been given has been rock solid so far. Make a great day and thank you!
  7. Oramask 813 is intriguing, so it cuts like regular vinyl? it is a lot cheaper for sure. and you answered my question about cutting it. I was hoping it would self cut, lol. The roll I bought was 50 yards, we make a lot of sign stencils and the sticky vinyl actually pulls some of the wood up on certain species of wood. Already loving the flexibility of a larger cutter over the small Cricut. Although a hobby cutter, we have pushed 2500 cuts through ours in about 16 months and its been flawless. I hope this 871 gives us the same reliability. Appreciate the help Slice, have a great rest of the weekend!
  8. I'm sure a newbie question, but stepping up from a cricut to a 871 cutter. We were excited to be able to buy a large roll of vinyl to use with the machine. It seems the hardest part so far is the best way to cut the vinyl off the roll straight to where we can cut again. We want to just leave the 24" roll on the machine and cut project after project. We bought the Oracal 631 vinyl and have found it to be pretty sticky. Is the Greenstar brand any less sticky? we make stencils for painting so it just needs to stick well for a day. Love the forums, and the knowledge here and appreciate any help.
  9. So it is possible then, thank you so much, I don't mind the trial and error process as long as I know it is.
  10. has anyone cut onto contact paper? i use it for making stencils, and I was wondering if anyone has used their 871 to cut on contact paper, and if so what pressure settings. Trying to avoid using a backing.